Early Morning Power Hour

One morning a week (I wish it could be more than that ) I cruise down to the beach for a sunrise run. It’s usually this 20-minute interval run, but then I realized I’m really in no rush, and it’s rather a rather relaxing and scenic location. So, I might as well milk it and have the entire time allotment be closer to an hour. 

Good decision. 

I’ve tweaked the workout a tiny bit and added in a little relaxing/meditating/stretching. It’s pretty much turned into my once a week solo power hour. And I highly recommend every single minute of it. Beach or not. Early morning or whenever you can squeeze it in.  

Here you go…

1: 15-minute warm-up run. Clear your head, break a sweat get the heart pumping

2: Stretch a little. Get ready for sprints.

3: 15 minutes of interval runs back to your starting point. Interval = 20-second all-out sprint, 20-second run, 20-second walk x 15

4: Catch your breath for a minute or two, then do 10 minutes of vinyasa flow yoga. (I do a little routine I remember from a class I took/loved/gosh I miss that studio, but if you search “10-minute vinyasa flow” on youtube you’ll get a ton of ideas.) 

5: 5 minutes meditating/praying/breathing/trying to not think of anything whatsoever. I’ll walk in the ocean so I’m shin deep and just stare out onto the horizon and focus on breathing/all I’m grateful for. 


It’ll take you anywhere from 45 minutes to 50 depending on how long you stretch before the sprints and catch your breath before yoga. Just thought power hour had a nice ring to it. 

Whoooossssssaaaaa with a hefty side of sweat. I’m loving it. 

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