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With all that’s going on in the world lately, I feel the need to just zone out and talk about some beauty products. I know it might not seem that important, but you know, this stuff makes me feel good. Which is always a good thing to pass along. Plus, we all might be having to lay low for a bit, which means more online shenanigans…but then who is going to ship it if we buy anything. I want people to be able to stay home and just unplug. Still doesn’t hurt to read about rad stuff.

Anywho, here’s the lineup: a few products I’m loving – some I’ve bought, some were gifted in hopes I’d talk about it on here if I liked them, some I’ve bought multiple times (ahem, Tata Harper Regenerating cleanser) and some I’m staring at while I type (the yellow Essie polish). There’s a little giveaway too for anyone who has the attention span to read the whole post.

• KooShoo Organic Cotton Hair Ties: I don’t know how many hair ties I’ve lost in the ocean, but if I’d ever lost one of these beauties on a duck dive, there’s a little peace of mind. They are a line of organic, plastic-free and biodegradable hair ties that are gentle on your hair and come in some rather luscious earthy tones. Every little detail’s been thought out to be both fair trade and environmentally friendly…and I’m giving them a high five for such sustainable sweetness. Hey, every little purchase or switch can help. Even hair ties. *Thanks so much for sending me these KooShoo.

• Essie Polish in Check Your Baggage: It’s that warm, flattering mustardy golden retro yellow I’ve been on the hunt for the past year…and finally found it. Hallelujah.

• Kari Gran Lip Whip: I have a pot of this luscious hand made whipped up buttery goodness on me at all times. It’s all-natural and is some of the most hydrating lip balms ever….that also makes your lips look awesome because it comes in lovely flattering colors. The three I’ve purchased are: Radiant, Cora Gold or Rosie Gold. My lips are whipped on Lip Whip. *I bought mine at follain ( gotta give a shout out to my favorite clean beauty shop)

• Supergoop! Glow Stick SPF 50: This little hydrating wonder stick makes your skin look dewy but stay protected, is invisible SPF, feels awesome on my skin and it pretty much a wonderstick. It’s a new non-negotiable in my beach bag/carryon/backpack/whatever bag I’m carrying at the time. I love seeing what Supergoop comes up with the SPFville.

• Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser: I don’t foresee cleaning my face with anything else anytime soon. Or at least the next four years. It’s an exfoliating cleanser that you rub on dry skin, then add a little water as it hydrates and cleanses. Just switching to this has cleared up quite a few nagging skin probs. I’m hooked.

• Gryph & IvyRose Herbal Elixers: this is a line of herbal supplements that were sent for me to give to Levi, but I’ve been using too. Each formulation is steeped in thousands of years of traditional Chinese medicine and ayurvedic traditions. Pick your drops: Forceshield (Immunity booster. I’ve almost gone through the whole bottle) Call it a night ( Sleep aid – I have crazy dreams whenever I take it. Which is trippy.) Moody Blues (helps with moodiness) and Belly Works (Probiotic). Beauty starts on the inside and by feeling good. This stuff helps.

Seed To Skin Skincare: This might be one of the most luxurious lines I’ve been blessed to be sent to review: everything is made from ingredients grown on their farm in Borgo Santo Pietro over in Tuscany. It’s potent, backed by research, and The Cure moisture cream has a texture, unlike any face moisturizer I’ve ever tried. I’m also a big fan of how The Midnight Miracle oil (which I just started using) makes me wake up with glowing skin. It just launched in the US at Net A Porter, 0 I know it’s expensive but at the very least try and hunt down a sample of The Cure. 

• The perfume that I’m alternating between these days, which is responsible for me smelling like either a tropical (Malie Koke’e eau de parfum) or rustic (Finn & Co black sand fragrance oil) beach.

CrystalSMooth at home Microdermabrasion: Another wonderstick alert: It’s a great at-home exfoliator that had a little detachable head with a little circle of what looks like sandpaper glue on the end. Rub it in little circles on dry clean skin and have super soft skin as a result. *The one I bought is out of stock, but this one looks similar.

• Brocato Vibrastrait Flat iron: This is the tool I’ve been using for flat iron beach waves for the past four and a half years, and I don’t plan on replacing it with a different one anytime soon. It works like a charm, heats up and cools down quickly, my hair doesn’t get stuck, and it’s responsible for some great waves. ( Here’s a video I made a few years ago using it – with much shorter and greasier hair. Note the mysterious beach bag moving in the background…which was Levi crawling around)

Waterl<ss Haircare: Yup. The Dry Shampoo and Dry Conditioner also come in travel sizes. Which I recommend getting so you won’t have to leave home without either of these wonder products

There you go. The Lineup is donezo. I hope you enjoyed the five-minute break from hearing about hand sanitizer, toilet paper hoarders, and disinfecting wipes.

*Also, In an attempt to minimize the number of beauty products currently in my possession (A wonderful Side effect of my job), I’m giving away a box full of some products for someone to try. (I’ll be sure to throw in some Seed to Skin Samples. Wink wink.) Just let me know what products float your boat from these above, or if there are any products you’re loving these days, let me hear it. Winner will be announced in a comment and emailed in a week (Be sure to check your spam!). Fun times. *GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Congrats to the winner….Amy, you’ve just been emailed by moi. Thank you all so much for taking the time to enter. Love reading all the comments.

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  • Hi! After your post, I’m really wanting to try Kari Gran Lip Whip. Sounds amazing!!! The Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser I NEED to try! I love her products! Totally interested in the Gryph & Ivy Rose Herbal Elixirs. Seed To Skin Skincare is a must after reading your post. I’d really love to try the Waterl<ss Haircare Dry Shampoo and Conditioner. I love trying to keep moisture in my hair and use dry shampoo. I’ve never tried a dry conditioner, so this sounds rad to me!

  • I love the idea of the biodegradable hair ties. It’s one of those things that I never really thought about!

  • I’m always up to try new beachy scents! Wondering which one I should purchase first. Malie Koke’e probably will win me over for reminding me of Hawaii! I’m also excited to try the Lip Whip. It looks like it’s only available in one color right now. I will have to research to see if other retailers carry it. Thanks for bringing your sunshine into my landlocked state of West Virginia. We just found out today that our schools will be closed for an undetermined time. I’m going to miss my littles. I needed some ☀️💕

  • You have a knack for making Tata Harper products sound like miracles and I could use a skin miracle! Our wedding is in two months and I’m on a mission to have skin that doesn’t require makeup, so the regenerating cleanser sounds up my alley.

  • Tata Harper makes such great products, but I am loving the hair ties. I have thick curly hair and finding ones that I like that both hold my hair and don’t come out with hair hostages is such a struggle!

  • Thanks! I love clean products, and moved to the mountains from the sub-tropics, so now I am on the hunt for stuff that super moisturizes, so my skin doesn’t flake away. I love super goop! Have you tried the new Glow spf 40? I am going to need them to make a pump bottle of that stuff. I also love the Tata cleanser, and typically will alternate between that or Drunk Elephant’s cleansers.

    What do you use to moisturize the rest of your body? My legs are dry by 11AM, and I use a soap free cleanser in the shower. I have heard oil while still damp and then top with lotion, just want to find clean products.

  • Ooooo, those hair ties! So glad that KooShoo is creating a product that is better for the environment and beautiful for the hair (and wrist!) I am intrigued to try the Finn &Co perfume- love when I can smell like warm days on the beach instead of the desert of Arizona… Thank you for providing some normalcy in these crazy times, always love reading your posts! 🙂

  • I’ve tried the Waterless dry shampoo & conditioner, and I’m I love with both- Kudos for helping the water crisis with both effectiveness and gorgeous scent! I’m also loving the new scent from Heretic (a clean fragrance company) called Midnight Toker, a limited-release memorable boozy vanilla patchouli scent perfect for date nights! XO

  • I’m hooked on Tata Harper after reading about it on your blog (thank you). But I would enjoy trying some of the Seed to Skin Skincare products.

  • A fun beauty post is much appreciated in these days when we are all struggling for some sense of normalcy 😀 I need to try the Tata Harper cleanser. I’ve tried other products from Tata Harper and loved them and I am looking for a good exfoliator.

  • Anything that will help my face, eyes, skin look like I got 8 hours of restful sleep instead of the usual 5 restless hours is on my list to try!

  • I don’t do much in the way of makeup on a day to day, but I’m a sucker for painted nails and beach hair. The Essie polish sounds like something I’ll have to find….yellow can be such a hard color! I’m planning on going to the beach in a couple weeks for some social distancing….the best kind. Thanks for the inspiration as always!

  • Thanks for sharing your reviews – this is awesome! It all looks amazing, but I think I’m most interesting the supergoop glow stick, love the sound of it: SPF + dewy glow all in an easy to access stick – love it!

  • You have the best giveaways! Living up in Vt our air is so dry! Lately I’ve been way into anything Kopari. I know they are not on your “right now” list but it has in the past! Thanks so much for all the great beauty ideas!

  • Oooh I am dying to try Tara Harper! I’ve read so many good things. I also just got some great travel products from Youth to the People. Super clean, fresh ingredients and huge bonus all their products come in glass containers!! My skin and the environment loves it. I also got a new one and done SPF/skin perfector from Dr. Jart. If you have any redness, their tiger grass products are awesome.

  • That Essie color is everything that the word “summer” means to me!! Also, I have had the waterless hair products in my cart just waiting to come home to me. So many goodies to shop for!

  • The Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser — I’ve been wanting to try this forever but, just can’t open my wallet for it! Bah, I will have to try to save up soon!

  • I would love to try Tata Harper and am in need of new lip colors that I can also smooch on my kids with!

  • I actually love the waterl<ss dry shampoo and conditioner! I ran to buy those after watching your stories about them. 💛

  • The Kari Gran Lip Whips sound amazing – I clicked the link to check out the other available colors and loveee the shimmer color! Also, the Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser sounds likes a MUST buy! I am always looking to add to my skincare collection. Thanks for the recommendations, as always

  • Where to start?! 🙂 First of all, when I found your paintings/blogs/insta…I was like, “ her life is what I want mine to be like!” Lol I love tropical stuff, I have been wanting a tattoo of a 🌺 flower and a 🌴almost exactly like you have! Any who, the lip whip, hair ties, cleanser/moisturizer, vibrastait (have been trying to perfect beach waves), I love smelling tropical. I have to stop now or I would list everything you mentioned. I think I’m only a few off from doing that as is 🤣

  • hi!
    the seed to skin, waterl<ss haurcare, and vibrato flatiron sound amazing! well, honestly…it all sounds amazing 🙂

  • The Essie polish looks so perfect for Summer! 🌴
    And I’ve been loving Glow Recipe’s Banana Souffle’ Moisture Cream lately….so good and smells yummy.

  • Thanks so much for sharing!! It’s a little bit of a blessing to be stuck inside and focus on a little self care! I was just thinking about ordering a new face mask on Sephora to spark up my skin routine but entering this sounds more fun! That Tara Harper regenerating cleanser is gold! I love anything they do but was put off by the price for so long. I ended up trying the travel size when I was looking for a new cleanser last year and I have never looked back. I was almost mad that I liked it so much because it’s just more than I would usually pay for a cleanser! But damn it is that good. Thanks for sharing your other recs! I will have to try a few of these!!

  • The Waterl<ss haircare! I’ve been in the hunt for a good dry shampoo and I haven’t found any I love yet. And these days I’m obsessed with Biossance face oils and gua sha!

  • I seriously needed this! As you said it’s so nice to have a break from the craziness happening right now and read about some feel good beauty products. I would love to try the Supergoop product as it’s so hard to find spf that isn’t greasy or that leaves the dreaded white cast; also really interested in the straightener you use as you are my ultimate hair icon for beach waves! Also I can’t resist. Tinted lip situation of any kind! Thanks again for your uplifting post in this otherwise gloomy time! 🌺