Things I’m Lovin’

It’s that time. Time I sit down on a Friday night with a glass of (cheap) wine, and attempt to concisely sing the praises of a few things that just give me a pep in my step, make me smile, are worth spending some dough on, go a-ha, or just get my wheels spinning.

And the winners are …

Boy & Bear – Beach – This band is just…awesome. I learned about them from some Kiwis on our surf trip in the Maldives. This song, Beach, reminds me of being on the boat at night, because I made the gal, Sophie, who had it on her playlist, play it over and over. So naturally, you can see why I love it. And it’s on repeat as I write this post.

Walk For A Dog App – This is an app that has a GPS tracker, and tracks how far you walk with your dog, then donates a dollar for every mile you walk to an animal shelter of your choice. My mom put it on my phone a year or so ago, and I just think it’s a great idea. (And I also might turn it on when I go for runs too.) Plus, it’s cool to see how many miles I walk with Kili in a week. Wins across the board.

Tango Charlie Apparel – These are hands down my favorite tees to workout in. (The ¾ unisex camo one in particular.) This brand is just pretty bad ass in general. And the tees are well made, soft as buttah…and cost under $50. High Schweaty five.

@Kaisafit – Speaking of working out. I don’t follow many fitness/workout people…but this gal is a MUST. Her ideas, genuine enthusiasm, perspective on health, and workouts (especially for no equipment needed home workout ideas)…are all stuff I love. Follow her, be inspired, and move.  

Ravi Vora Photography – Speaking of people to follow, this dude’s photography is magical. It’s inspiring and a visual vacation that gives you a sense of ocular euphoria all at once. I’m such a fan. Big fan.

Barbarian Days by William Finnegan – In case anyone is looking for a GREAT read, that might also be about surfing. Check out this Pulitzer Prize winning autobiography by William Finnegan. I am almost halfway through it…then my husband started reading it…and hasn’t given it back. It’s that good.

Coconut Wireless Life by Kim Bates Pierce – Ok, one more read, because reading is a really really good thing to do. This is more of a manual/self help/be pumped about life/get your ass in gear and be productive type of book. I read this in one night, and the next week was one of my most productive weeks I’ve had in a loooooooong time. Kim has a great, blunt, funny way of saying what needs to be said. If I’m ever on the Big Island, I think we’ll just have to meet up and go for a surf.

Chaser Brand tees, knits, tanks anything – Anything by Chaser is kind of my guilty pleasure. They have been around for a while. I just finally jumped on the wagon and bought a few tops. Well, they rock. The fit on each piece I own seems like it was meant for me, and makes me look somewhat put together, even thought I’m not.

Dr. Brandt Magnetight Age defier mask – This is just one of those fascinating, makes your skin feel great, really products to use. It’s a mask that’s made up of oils, mud, and iron. You smear it on let it sit on your skin then take it off with a magnet. No water involved. And lots of good oils and stuff to sink into your skin afterwards. Soooo fun to use. When I actually have time to use a mask. Great full review here.  

and finally…

The Maui Humane Society’s Beach Buddies program. It is just…amazing. Bring a rescue pup out for a day at the beach (then fall in love, and take them home.) It’s such a great idea. Kauai has something similar too. Bravo guys.

There you go. So much to love.

Enjoy. Excuse any typos. It’s late, and the wine was good.

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