Three sweet lines you might love


It’s time to highlight a few new swimwear lines from around the globe, that are pretty darn sweet. In 3 different ways. In 3 different countries, Designed by 4 pretty rad gals. 

So, here we go.

1: Isla James Swimwear. 

Fact: Kim Thompson Snead is cool. She’s a mom of two, cute as can be, and designed a soft and flattering line that I love wearing. The cuts are not too skimpy, the colors are bright, the patterns are sweet, and (I know I already mentioned it) but the fabric is like buttah. She also has some amazing beach pants. Which, are the key to my heart. 

Another fact. My yoga girl crush (@yoga_girl aka Rachel Brathen) is also a fan…and Kim’s husband and my brother were college roommates and dressed up as the backstreet boys together. 

Now go buy a suit. @islajamesswimwear 

2: Ombak Swimwear

I’ve always wanted to go to Puerto Rico. Now I really want to go, in order to thank Ana Ortiz for designing such a fun and zesty new line. Little details make these suits stand out, and the chevron sun print is so cool I really want to wallpaper a wall in my house in it. 

The suits are sporty but feminine, in a unique combo of Brazilian cuts with Puerto Rican vibes. Can I get an arrriba!? Yeah, I really need to make it to Puerto Rico soon. 

Did I mention I love the sun chevron print? Because I do. 

Go get caliente: @ombakswim

3: Cenote Swimwear

No list of swimwear lines to check out is complete without some surf-friendly swimwear. Well that’s where the Australian beauties of Cenote come to play. Perth based designers Kelly Christos and Rachael Dziadowicz made a line of super bright, vibrant, stays on like glue suits, that have gorgeous prints (made by their original art and photography. Too cool). I wore a suit recently on Kauai while having a surf session that was pretty much 99.4% duck diving, (ouch) and I didn’t have to adjust my suit once. Score. 

This dynamic duo met while in physiotherapy school…and now they are technically bikini therapists. They are ripped, gorgeous gals who charge. 

Ok, I want to be friends with them. 

But for now, a bikini will suffice.  @cenoteswim 

High five to all you amazing bikini makers. I don’t know how you do it, but you rock. 

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