We each have our happy shade

We each have our happy shade. Mine is blonde.

Over the past 6 months I’ve gone through the hair color spectrum: Brunette, redhead (it was actually purplish at times), brownish blonde, ombre (aka lazy/undecided) and now finally, beach blonde. Hey, life’s been crazy, and changing hair color is a lot more versatile than chopping it all off (which I’ve contemplated too).

But through all the changes, I’ve come to the realization of one thing. I am happiest when blonde. Blonde just gets me.

…not to say I won’t venture into other color spectrums again, or finally chop it all off. It’s hair, have some fun with it. 

*It also helps that my friend Rachel (who started transforming me back to blonde in November) gave me the balayaged blonde of my dreams. If you are in the Seattle area, consider yourself blessed.

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