I heard this quote the other

I heard this quote the other day that pretty much smacked me on the back of the head. I immediately had to jot it down so I could share…after taking some time to draw it out all nice and cool for ya. 

Time flies, but you are the pilot:

Which made me think, how am I using my time? Yes, there are unavoidable time suck-ers in life: work, sleep, driving, eating, hygine…but in that minimal free-to-do-whatever-the-heck-you-want time, what am I doing? Am I living, growing, creating, being present, taking care of myself, getting outside (even for 10 minutes), having a good time, soaking up moments (big and small) and living life to the fullest? I hope so.

Because time really does fly, and it keeps getting faster and faster. Rumor is it just got a Tesla engine.

So I am going to make a conscious effort to be a good pilot. 

And am hoping I’m a better time pilot than I am a car driver.  

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