Kauai Blooms

Well, we’re back on Kauai for a week. (Queue the Hallelujah chorus played with a ukulele.) It’s always worth every second of traveling and every cent of how much the airfare cost. I’ve found myself stopping to smell and admire the flowers every chance I get, and in this case, also imagine how great it’d be to be a florist surrounded by colorful blooms all day.

I fully planned on getting caught up on work while we’re here. But I also fully forgot how there’s something about this island that causes me to have so much fun during daylight hours that I pass out hard every night by 9 pm, and have some of the best sleep ever.

Which I guess is pretty darn important to get caught up on too.

Sleep, surf, poke, coffee, flowers, beach, throw in a hike or two. Repeat.

Sounds like a plan.

Feels oh so good to be back in my heart home.

And I’m kind of patting myself on the back for how this bouquet turned out too. Anyone getting married here in the next few days, I’ll gladly make you one.

Romper by Tiare Hawaii // bangles by Parlettei // Blooms by mother nature. 

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