When life gives you a blah day

When life gives you a blah day, I highly recommend busting out a combo like this. Cozy + Tropical = instant mood booster.

With Love from Paradise biker shorts ( They’re not too long, not too short, are high waisted and have pockets. Yum.) + Brownlee sweatshirt (The softest french terry cloth item I’ve ever worn. It’s a dude’s top. I got a medium.) 

* Also, we are in the process of moving into our new home. So bear with me if blogging is a bit sporadic lately and over the next week. One perk of us moving 20 minutes away though is there are NO BOXES stuffed with packing paper to drown in. Just organized chaos, which I excel at. Wish us luck. And yes, I’ll be wearing lots of tropical prints to keep my sanity this week.

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