Jungle Toes

Oh these toes. I have a love hate relationship with them. Love how they turned out, hate that I can’t recall exactly how I did them. Sorry, it happens. 

Here’s the deal. L*Space partnered with Liberty for some swim prints, and they made this one red tropical print that I am absolutely in love with, and therefore attempted to recreate…on my toes. I don’t know if my toes do the print justice (because when it comes to textile design, Liberty is pretty much the Beyonce. Or Einstein.) But still, they make me smile.

Here’s my attempt at instructions. 

• Paint toes a bright orangish red

• Grab a nail art brush and paint some long leaves in a dark blue, then an aqua blue,

• Now, the trick – Go in with the red polish on TOP of the leaves and paint in some notches and negative space in the middle of the leaves. This makes them look somewhat like different shaped tropical leaves, not just blobs. And makes me go a little cross eyed too.

• Next, grab that nail art bush again and paint some palm fronds using some bright purple polish. Go back in with some red polish if the fronds blob together.

….Now this is where I kind of winged it.

• Grab some bright yellow or orange polish and paint some tiny dots and little highlights on the leaves ( use a nail art brush and dotting tool). If you overpaint, go back in with red.

• Let dry then top off with a glossy topcoat.

• Donezo.

Ok, I guess that wasn’t that hard to remember the steps. 

Have fun. Try it out. And remember to go run around barefoot in the grass in some big flare jeans (Like I did above.)

Fun times.

Yay nail art.

I’m on the lookout for other cool swimwear and textile prints for my next toes, because I’m kinda liking this series of tropical print toes.

I used colors by Zoya and Julep. All are non-toxic. Boom. // Jeans by Citizens of Humanity

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