Happy Pills


Ok, this blog is like a 96.5% positive, sunny, happy perpetual ray of sunshine. But let’s be honest, I’m human, a new mom, living in a new city, with a husband who works crazy hours, no family around, hardly know anyone, and I tell the barista at my drive through coffee place way too much about my life. I’m not complaining, just keeping it real. As in I’m not some super Richard Simmons clone riding high on life 24/7. Yes I love life, and try to juice the most out of every day, but It’s also easy to get down in the dumps from time to time. Yes, I cry. Yes I stare blankly into space sometimes wondering what’s happening to my life, or where it’s headed. 

And you know what? It’s ok. The ups and downs are a necessary part of living. You learn from them, you grow, you gain perspective, you just become more of a bad ass person in general. 

And you know what else, I’ve also gotten good at snapping out of my funks, moving on, or just figuring out a way to somehow smile or bust out laughing in the process. 

So I thought I’d share a few things that cheer me up. Because the online world is so full of outfit posts and beauty tutorials, it’s good to switch gears and focus on perking up our inside too.

Promise this isn’t going to turn into a self help post, just a list of quick, mood lifters. Or as I like to metaphorically coin them…happy pills. 

Let’s start with the two no brainers:

• Get to the beach – Seriously, beach therapy should be something doctors can prescribe.

• Get in the water – full submersion just for a few minutes, or even if it’s just your feet. H2O is magical at washing away the blues, especially when the water is salty and blends in with your tears too.

Then, let’s be realistic, a beach or water is not always accessible. So here are some other non geographical methods.

• Get up and workout – there is a reason I write so much about fitness and moving your body on here. It’s one of the best things that helps me with my mood. The moment I’m feeling down, I’ll workout, and you know what? It works like a charm. Sometimes it’s a quick 10 minute circuit or a 14 minute jog, other days, it’s an hour long sweat out my nonsense beast mode meathead session. 

I’m sure there’s plenty of actual clinical studies that prove how working out is a mood lifter. I’m kind of a living proof of one too.

• Get outside – Ok so if a workout isn’t in the picture, fresh air is the runner up. A walk, a hike, a powerwalk, a bike ride. Simple stuff tends to clear out all the BS. (*Hate your job, go for a walk at lunch. I did this all the time at a job I hated, and it helped.)

• Paint, write, craft, create something – Put down the phone and make something with your two hands, even if it’s just scribbling down a haiku on a scrap of paper. There’s something so uplifting about being creative in a non digital form. (This is yet another reason why I love painting so much lately.) 

• Interact with a dog –  There’s a reason why they are man’s best friend. And woman’s. Dog’s just know exactly what to do to cheer you up. Without even talking. Or when to cuddle up with you when you need it most. Dogs rule.

• Grab a quick coffee, (or a juice or something) with a friend – Actually meeting an interacting with a human for a quick 5 minute coffee does wonders for the soul. And no phones allowed. Human interaction folks, we crave it. We need it.. 

• Pump up some island music – My bluetooth speaker and Katchafire pandora station are what keeps our oddly silent, closed concept 1950′s rental feeling cozy and tropical.  

• Buy some flowers – Even the littlest bouquet can brighten up a room and mood. Bonus points if it smells good too.

Invest in some really nice body wash or body scrub (ahem, Kai), good shampoo and conditioner, and take a nice hot shower. If it can be a long one, even better. 

Read anything Bunmi Laditan writes. She is so gifted with words, it’s amazing, and had my mom and I in tears (in the best of ways) a few weeks ago. 

• Go read my friend Leah’s tweets – And be prepared to laugh out loud numerous times. The gal’s brilliant. One of my other friends goes and reads her stuff when she needs a laugh too.

• Do something nice for someone else – This should be at the top of the list. It makes you feel better 102% of the time.

• Put a flower in your hair. Bonus ponts if it’s a top knot.

…almost done, promise. 

• Dance – I don’t care if you’re Elaine Benes, shake your booty, do the running man, attempt to twerk. It goes along with the working out vibes. Moving your body just makes you feel good.

• Put down your phone and get off social media. Comparison is the thief of all joy. But if you want to be on your phone in a positive way, just look up videos of baby animals or watch some Standup comedy or something.

• Do something first thing in the morning…other than look at your phone. Hop out of bed and do downward dog, do ten jumping jacks, read a book, go make coffee, dance around in your pjs’ just set a good, not glued to your phone, tone to your day. (More over in this post).

• Breathe – Is it just me or are we taking less and less deep breaths lately? 

…and last, but not least.

Put on a damn bikini. Or one piece. – Something about that poly/lycra combo, no matter the occasion, just reminds me of being somewhere happy. Even if it’s layered under jeans and a chunky sweater. With rain boots. 

There you go.

REM said it so well, everybody hurts. Sometimes.

…and I like to say we all can find ways to keep our heads up, smile and dance through bits of it all too.

Sending a virtual hug to anyone who made it through this whole list. Even though in person hugs are better. 

Off to workout, find a flower for my hair, play with my dog…or just take a deep breath.



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