Scenic Toes

Two nights ago, I told myself I was going to just take a few minutes and paint my toes really quickly. Well, thirty minutes later, I had little tropical murals on my toes. 

So much for just painting them blue. 

I actually chuckled to myself when I finished them. Mainly because I thought of the design in my head (it’s loosely based on this painting I did) and when it actually turned out kind of cool, I wanted to dance around our living room. (Without smudging them or stubbing my toe. Which happens a lot.) 

So, if you’d like to give it a shot, here’s my attempt at directions. Ironically, it’s pretty easy. You just have to stretch/do some yoga hip openers before you start painting so you can get really close to your feet to paint. 

• Paint toes a good opaque baby blue

• Now, do the waves. Waves = a horizontal white line that curves down then fades off. Add a few little dots for spray going off the top or barrel. (Sorry this is the one step that’s hard to explain.)

• Shade the waves: Go in with a dark blue polish and paint the inside part of the wave to give it some dimension/tubeness.

• Flower border: Go in with a dotting tool and paint some flowers around the outside of each nail. Flowers = five dots in a circle with a different color dot in the middle. Do differnt sizes and colors, and feel free to overlap them a little too.

• Go in and paint a few leaves that come off some of the flowers, if you want. 

• Let it all dry for a bit. 

• Now, finishing touches: Grab a super skinny black ink pen and outline the flowers and the leaves. Also, draw a few little seagulls on the big toes by drawing an upside down V.

• Seal the deal with a glossy top coat. 

There you go. Your nails are a tropical vibe work of art, and, should you happen to be barefoot or wear open toed shoes, a conversation starter too.

Fun stuff.

More of my nail art AQUI

Tools: Winstonia Nail art kit // Nail Polish by Zoya and Julep 

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