Ugly Sweater Toes

Well, the tradition continues. ‘Tis the season for some ugly sweater toes. (Although I think these turned out to be rather cute, and the only thing ugly about them is my leathery feet.)

It’s getting a bit more difficult to think of something new each year, So I just tried a different, simple, and more neutral color combo…and attempted to add some plaid to the mix. 

Here’s an attempt at directions. 

1: Brew some strong mocha mint coffee in french press, (I go all out and use some fully loaded eggnog as creamer too) 

2: Turn on old school Christmas music (bonus points if Frank Sinatra is in the mix)

3: Grab 4 colors that feel festive and wintery to you. For me it was navy, beige, white and shimmery gold. All polishes I use are by Zoya and Julep

4: Go on pinterest and search “Christmas Nails.” Be prepared to be amazed, then pick five different things to try. Tip: keep it simple. 

5: Grab a nail art brush and dotting tool, then paint a different motif on each toe. I did the following: 

• Beige and navy plaid – (plaid is a total beeyotch, but ends up looking pretty sweet) Paint nail beige, then paint 2 -3 vertical navy stripes, followed by two horizontal navy stripes. Let polish dry, then go over all the non overlapping parts of the stripes with some translucent beige polish ( I just mixed my beige with some top coat).

White with Navy Reindeer/Moose dude. – Paint nail white, then basically just paint a little moose stick figure using a nail art brush and some navy polish. 

Navy and white ugly sweater knit pattern – Paint nails navy, then go in with some white polish and paint long rows of dashes, dots, hearts, zig zags, you know, whatever makes you think knitted winter sweater. 

Gold with navy and white santa hat – Paint nail gold, then paint a navy triangle with a little line coming out of the top. Put a dot at the end of that line, then a few dots at the base of a triangle. Boom. Santa hat. 

Gold with navy and white polka dots – Paint nail gold, then go in with a dotting tool and paint some itty bitty polka dots.

6: Let polish dry, refill aforementioned coffee, then seal the deal with a glossy top coat.

7: Done. ‘Tis the season to not want to wear shoes, even if it means you get frostbite. 


More of my nail art AQUI

Tools: Winstonia Nail art kit // Nail Polish by Zoya and Julep

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