Soaking up some Vitamin Sea.


I just got back from Hawaii, and am feeling refreshed, revived and rather re-inspired. I feel like me again. Note to self: the vacation cleanse worked. 

One highlight of the trip that contributed to this, was an impromptu shoot with the cuter that cute, über talented and sweet photographer Shannon Cummings. 

Oh yeah, this shoot happened to be underwater.

Which is my favorite place for a shoot. No gravity, no hair and makeup, no limbs out of place, and I get to look a whole lot more graceful than I ever do on dry land.

It was right after the sunrise. The water was crazy clear ( even though it was cloudy). I finally got to do rock runs (which kind of gave me the same kind of cardio and endorphin rush as freediving does.) And I got to meet yet another inspiring and cool water loving gal. 

Felt great to soak up some vitamin sea.

…Water up my sinuses, and a few jellyfish stings included. 


Shannon’s websitefacebook and Instagram.

Bikini by Mikoh 

*More under water shoots aqui, and aqui. Fun times. 

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