Unplug Your Morning


So, I’ve decided to try out something for the next few weeks. It’s going to be a challenge, but I think it’s going to solve a few problems that have been slowly sneaking up on me: Lack of inspiration and the inability to focus. 

What I’m going to try, (and am encouraging you to try too)? 

Unplugging each morning. 

Here’s why.

A while ago I read one of the more eye opening articles that I’ve read in a while, that some CEO of some billion dollar company wrote…and I can’t find it again anywhere. Yes, I’m really kicking myself for not bookmarking it or sharing it or something. Maybe I did, and can’t find it. Anyways, it’s message stuck with me for a while: Start your morning unplugged. Basically, he pointed out how back before the internet, cell phones, and being able to be reached at any time, anywhere, in numerous ways, people were way more productive and creative. Because they were able to focus on what they needed to focus on, and only be distracted when the mailman came with a letter or a bill or something. Painters got their best paintings done in the early morning light, ideas were fleshed out, and there was just more of a mutual understanding across the globe of what was expected of people communication wise before 10am. 

So, mornings pretty much tend to be our most productive and inspiring times. Yet nowadays those hours are spent emialing and checking social media.

Which is no bueno.

Anyways, the way he said to try and fix this was to do the following: Only devote one hour, in the early afternoon to emails and checking all your technology stuff. You can spend another hour in the evening too if you must. 

Save those precious hours in the morning for life.

A ha! That’s why I love traveling internationally so much, crave dawn patrol, and have a constant desire to go camp or be somewhere remote. No cell phone service. 

Anyways, I really wish I had a link to this article. Hope you got the point.

THEN, to further drive the issue home, I read this article yesterday on why it’s so important to unplug. Yes, I actually remembered to save, tweet, and bookmark the link. Basically being on our phones, social media, etc., non stop is pulling our brains in all directions, and effecting our ability to focus. And well, that’s no bueno too. Go read it. It’s a good one.

THEN to hammer it all home, my yoga girl crush, Rachel Brathen posted this pic today with this amazing caption:

“How you choose to spend your morning sets the tone for the entire rest of the day. Did you hit the snooze button today? Spent the first waking moments of the day scrolling through social media? Ran around like a maniac looking for your keys? Downed a cup of coffee on your way out the door? Don’t let stress dictate your life. Wake up at a time that allows you to prepare for the day ahead! Drink a cup of tea. Stretch your body. Sweat a little. Shower in peace. Eat a big breakfast. Set your intentions for the day. Remember; you’re in charge! It’s a beautiful morning. Make sure you are present enough to appreciate it.”

Rachel you rock. 

Mornings rock. I’m printing this out and putting it in my office, or bathroom or something.

I don’t think that this trifecta of “you need to start your day unplugged” messages was a coincidence. The big guy upstairs works in mysterious ways, and I needed to hear them. 

Lately, I’ve been dealing with a lot of self doubt and a little anxiety, and I think a big thing is I’ve been on my laptop and social media way too much. Which just warps your perspective, and can suck the life out of you.

And I think it’s becaue of how I’ve been starting my days. Here’s an example:

Look on phone, check email, read news, check my blog and social media…then the comparison downward spiral starts: Hmmm…I wonder why people didn’t like that pic/post that much. Was this a stupid post? Dangit I lost some followers. Shoot that person stole my pic. Oh well, but still, grrrr. Wow she’s gorgeous. Wow that photographer is amazing, and yeah, I’ll never be as big time as that person. Wow that model is in New Zealand now…and just started a blog and is already bigger than I am. Wow that blogger just got another all expense trip to the Bahamas. I should change my blog or something. Wait, I am having a kid in a few weeks. Stop worrying Rebekah. Maybe I should just go back to sleep for a few more minutes. What the heck should I write about today? I have so much to do. Did I email that person back? Ohh time to go on a pinning spree, or maybe I’ll just cuddle with Kili some more…Do I have time to paint today? Crap I just wasted 15 minutes, or was it 40?  

Yeah, not the best way to start a day. It happens though. As much as I hate to write and admit all that. 

But, on mornings when I jump out of bed, take Kili for a walk, then soak up that untouched, beautiful, thankful for this day to be time, however short or long it can be…I feel amazing. I can concentrate, I get inspired so much more easily, and I feel like I’m living. 

Instead of just staring. 

So yes, I am officially going to unplug my mornings,. Whether it’s the first 15 or 50 minutes, you will not see a phone in my hand, or a laptop opened.

Wake up, make breakfast, sit outside, and drink my coffee or tea.

No comparison struggle. 

Less stress.

More of a carpe-diem mentality. 

Ideas start to brew.

And I will begin to feel more like me again.

Please, pretty please, feel free to do the same. Actually I encourage it. 

…and If I ever find that article, you bet your bum I’ll put the link in here a few times too.

Cheers to being present, learning, living, and starting off on the unplugged path.

But feel free to still check my blog and stuff…in the afternoons.


*Have any tips for how you unplug or what’s worked for you? Sharing is caring. Let me hear ‘em.  

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