Latest ramblings: Moral of the story

Latest ramblings: Moral of the story – How boring and stagnant would we all be if we never fell, felt awkward, or got out of our comfort zones. So embrace it, baby. Embrace it. 

I actually started writing this in my head while wiping out, time and time again, while teaching myself to stand up paddle surf. ( I have mixed feelings about this way of surfing, but when the waves are tiny in le gulf, it’s a way to still ride them.) Anywho. I had an absolute blast falling, and was laughing/hooting and hollering out loud. And it got me thinking. If you are so scared of falling, you end up missing out on the fun part of and growing/getting better at something..or just making the most of things. Metaphorically or literally. And if you learn to enjoy the process, and slap a smile on your face after falling flat on it, it’s just a win-win across the board. 

I couldn’t quite flesh out the poem in my head, and finally did today after having a less than perfect morning, dealing with frustrations, let downs, and wondering what was happening. So, I kind of took a step back and laughed at the situation, because these are all signs of growing and living. So, in spite of the multiple deep breaths and extra cups of coffee, I realized I must be doing something right. 

There you go. 

I’m also in a phase where motivational quotes are causing my eyes to roll to the back of my head, but I guess, we all need reminders to keep on keeping on. 

So, as with all these little poems, I hope they make someone out there smile.

And if you see me stand up paddleboard surfing (however you officially call it) on little ankle biters, know I’m having a blast when wiping out too. 

More poems aqui. 

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