Waimea Morning.


When I was back on Oahu a little while ago, I had one of those pinch me it’s so beautiful out super calm and glassy, I can’t think of enough adjectives at the moment, mornings at Waimea Bay.

My pal Corinne, who is an amazingly talented photographer, super mom, and gorgeous rad human being brought along her camera, and we did a fun little mini shoot wearing some rad gear.


I pretty much am absolutely in love with the pics. So, here are a few of my favorites. No makeup, just salty sunkissed skin (maybe too much sun because I couldn’t pry myself out of the water the day before because the waves were so much fun. It happens.)…and hair so sandy I was picking sand out of my scalp for the rest of the week.

Which is always a great problem to have.

Corinne you rock. Waimea, thanks for the beautiful morning. 

• Swimwear, top, and tank by Aila Blue.

Photos by Corinne Gold

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