Sketch Fest


Last week was a rough one. Hey, it happens. I’ve been overdoing it and as a result was sick, stressed, did something to my hip, and couldn’t focus. So, one night I stayed up late (even though sleep probably would’ve helped all the aforementioned conditions) and did something that’s oh so therapeutic to me…I painted. 

Nothing groundbreaking. Nothing particular or thought out. Which, if you think about it is all a part of the process of getting back in the groove in art making. I just played around with a new block of watercolor paper and paints for an hour or two. 

And you know what? I felt better. I even cut myself off after 4 pages, which was hard to do.

Art is oh so cool and therapeutic like that. 

There’s just a calming and invigorating feeling when you do something that is a creative outlet, has nothing to do with technology, (ok, until you decide to take pics and share ‘em. I blew that part.) has no deadlines or expectations, and is pretty, messy and colorful. 

So I’m thinking these sketch fests might have to occur more often. 


Thanks The Soul Project for the fun watercolor block and palette. Queue cyber bear hug.

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