Weekly tear-off planners are here and they’re pretty sweet.

Fun fact: I’ve been using a little weekly tear-off planner as a source of weekly mental organization and inspiration for the past eight years or so. I loved that thing. Well, it was time for a new one, so, figured it was also a good time to make one with my own little twist on it.

Here you go. Weekly tear-off planners ARE HERE. And these suckers come in quite handy.

Each notepad has 80 sheets with plenty of space to plan, doodle, write to-do’s, ideas, dream, take notes, or just get a sense of the week ahead. The paper is smooth, recycled, and best of all, there’s a big ‘ol black and white print of my Shady Palm painting on the back of the backboard. So, once you’re done with the notepad (or whenever you flip it over) you’re left with some fun art, too.

The Deets:

It’s 11.25″ x 8″ and will be a bright addition to any desk, counter, wall, or wherever it ends up.

Hope you like it, and it comes in handy or is inspiring too.

Because sometimes the first step to something great is just writing it down.

Weekly Tear-off Planners – Only at Goldfihkissgoods.com 

**A HUGE thanks to the gals at Thread Vision who are helped make this all happen. 


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