Little Stylin’ Beachin things

Some zero effort yet put together stylin’ moments from Mexico worth mentioning:

• A Breezy Chasing Unicorns oversize silk blouse and some itty bitty shell bottoms. Perfect walking around the condo with a beer in hand getup.

• I forgot to pack my hat – which means…’twas time for a new MOWI creation. Win-win situation.

• The best little tied-up tee dress from Z Supply and my go-to Handmade Chila bag. Wore this combo every day.

• I freaking LOVE this bikini by Dkoko ( Amazing for surfing and bodyboarding with Levi on my back) …and I also realized this is how my face looks 80% of the time these days. So, glad it’s accurately documented.

What else? The beauty regime consisted of…coconut oil, travel size May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon, Avene Eau thermal travel size spray, and waterproof mascara if I felt saucy. Barefaced and bare minimum.

High five for keeping it simple, salty, with a few little fun things mixed in.



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