Some scenes from Mexico

Well, we snuck down to Mexico, then moved to a new house (Just my husband and I did all the packing and moving), and well…that’s a synopsis of the past two weeks. However, Mexico dished up a hefty dose of sunshine, relaxation and warm-hued gorgeousness that felt like another world compared to the past few days…or week. Time’s mushing together.

It felt heavenly to wake up and put on a bikini again, paddle around in the warm water, go barefoot as much as possible, drink more beer than water, and just live at a different pace of life. The thing about travel is people say it’s an escape from reality, but really, it’s just making reality feel pretty damn nice for a few days.

So here are a few pics from the trip. My camera is in a moving box in my office so one day I’ll get the photos I took from there off of it too. It’ll probably be a rainy one.

When you hear Punta de Mita (Where we went) or Punta Mita you usually think of super posh hotels and villas, (which there are plenty of –  and they’re amazing, but just not in our budget) but we have figured out a way to travel there rather economically: Stay in airbnbs in town (the beachfront ones are still pretty darn affordable) take the bus if we need to go down to down to the nearest consistent surf spot (or just walk on the beach and time it with the tides) do one niiiiiicce dinner out at Mina, but devour Ceviche, cucumber margaritas, chilaquiles, and coconut shrimp tacos at La Cabana like it’s my last supper a few times. Cook in the condo for breakfast and lunch, play all day, then have fun at dinner. Repeat. Boom.

It’s a slower-paced, small beach town vibe. which makes me want to go out and find more slow place beach town vibes (and fun waves) in Mexico. Because it’s just a beautiful vibe.

Now, off to find my camera and browse through some more pics…

*Any travel questions shoot me a comment and I’ll get back to ya.



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