The Yearly Refresh


I don’t know what it is, but my current motivation level is that of a sloth trying to do the macarena. I think it’s the time of year, realizing I accomplished very few goals this past year, and I also think my focus and mind are all over the place.

Hopefully I am not the only one, but, I just am in the need of a bit of a refresh. Aka some time to step on the breaks and just…be wherever, and whatever I am right now.

The motivational quotes can wait a few weeks, same with any sort of planning, or soul searching. I just want to soak up the last few weeks, and be me, in my life right now. 

So here’s the plan for the rest of the year. Which is really only, what, two weeks? Feel free to join in on any or all of the fun…

• Make good health, and getting sleep a priority. 20 minutes a day exercise/8 hours of sleep. Boom.

• Only check, post, or be on social media for 30 minutes a day. This might be career sabotage for me, or who knows, maybe it’ll help. (So if posts are sporadic, random and/or short, you know why.)

• Wear sweatpants as much as possible. Maybe splurge on some saucy über soft ones.

• Enjoy a good cup of coffee, each day. Like REALLY enjoy it: brew it, smell it, and sit and savor the whole darn thing in a big warm mug.

• Read a book. A good, juicy, whisks my brain off to wonderland type of read.

• Actually go to the beach without feeling the need to take a million pictures while I’m there.

• Sketch and journal. And don’t feel the need to post it. (If it looks really cool I’ll maybe post it in the new year.)

• Maybe take a bath. Maybe. Bonus points if I put on some face mask and light a candle too.

• Maybe take a nap once or twice. Preferably with Levi. 

• Power down my laptop for a few days (Hopefully it’ll start back up, it’s old.)

• Cuddle up with Levi and watch kiddo holiday movies, drink hot chocolate for once, Watch Love Actually or The Holiday or some movie that will make my husband want to pluck his eyelashes out. You know, just enjoy the simple innocent stuff as much as possible. 

• Get outside and breathe. Rain or shine, cold or unseasonably warm. 

• And most importantly, never miss an opportunity to do something nice for someone totally out of the blue. Because that’s really what this time of year is about. And each day year round, really. 

Ok sounds like plan.

Or did I just give myself more things on the to do list?

Perhaps. Or maybe it’s just permission to chill for a bit.

Stepping on the breaks a little, and hopefully gaining a bit more steam.

Cheers to the ebb and flow of each year,


*A longer, wittier version of this post was written last night, then lost when my computer froze as I attempted to save it. Fun times. 

Sunnies pictured above via Pared Eyewear. They are my happy shades. 

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