Goals. They get you places, get you motivated, get your mind right, and have you feeling better in so many ways. So yup, they are crucial. And come in all shapes and sizes. 

The little graphic above has a few goals I have for this year, and in life in general. But instead of a tangible thing or objective, it’s simple doing less of something and more of it’s counterpart. Fun stuff. I’m printing it out and putting it up on our fridge (next to this post).

Let’s expand on them for a bit, shall we? We shall.

Less screens, more paper. – Rarely am I motivated or inspired by looking at a screen. When I sketch, journal, paint, read or write. My mind turns into a butterfly pavillion. Yay butterflies.

Less busyness more living – Doing my best to not get caught up in the “busy is better” mentality, and choosing the “less is more, you better soak up what you love” mentality. Aka busyness is overrated, and living a full life doesn’t mean you have to do a million things. Just getting your infant to giggle as much as possible in one day is more than enough. 

Less comparison, more gratitude – The second I find myself comparing part of my life, anything big or minuscule, I’m going to stop and find something I’m grateful for instead. Should work like a charm. 

Less doing it all myself, more asking for help. – I pretty much do everything on my blog and all social media platforms by myself. With a baby this is becoming super hard to do. 95% of me says I can do it, don’t bug anyone, keep on keepin’ on. The other 5% says it’s ok to ask for help. Hoping to even out that percentage. 

Less scrolling, more connecting – Scrolling through social media feeds is monotonous, and addicting, without realizing I’m doing it. Thankfully having a great conversation, listening to music, or even playing Scrabble, although these all take much more effort, are so much more fulfilling. And less mind numbing.

Less worrying so much, more taking chances – I’ve been worrying more and more about things I post and create. I never really have in the past. No clue why. Today I stared at a pic on instagram and debated on whether or not I should past it for about 30 minutes. Such a waste of time and brain juice. A coworker once told me “not caring is the ultimate freedom” Gosh, I need that mentality. Time to make Nike proud and get the just do it mentality. Should be fun.

Less coffee, more tea. – When I dramatically decreased my coffee consumption while I was pregnant, I felt so much better than I do now when I am consuming espresso shots like they are M&M’s. Time to tea it up again.

Less sugar, more sweat – Just a friendly reminder to be conscious of sugar consumption, and keep up my long term love affair with sweating a ton. That’s a-schweaty-more.

Less texting, more talking – Yes texting is easier, but the actual sound of someone’s voice is so much more powerful and fun than any combo of emojis.  

Less buying, more giving – Giving time, money, old clothes, ideas, repurposing, resources, or inspiration…all of that is so much fulfilling than receiving multiple boxes of stuff I really don’t need form Amazon prime. Or Revolve. 

Less pizza and ice cream….Who am I kidding. I love that stuff. And I don’t care what any crazy dieters say, it’s all about moderation. 

There you go. Wish me luck. 

If you have any less/more goals lemme hear ‘em. Who knows who you might inspire. 

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