25 random thoughts


There’s been a lot going through my mind lately, and I simply have not been able to focus or really get into a groove. So, I felt like I needed to get some of these thoughts out there, in hopes that it will help or maybe inspire me a little bit. I like to call it 25 random thoughts therapy. 

Here we go…

• I don’t get jealous very often in life, but I am quite jealous of people that have houses with awesome natural lighting all day. I have a 20 minute window in my office every morning, and about 20 minutes in the bedroom every afternoon. I guess that’s better than in Seattle when I had a 20 minute window every two weeks. But still…

• I booked a trip back to Oahu for my birthday (end of October) and I am already counting down the days. It’s 54 to be exact.

• I feel extremely bad for people who feel the need to leave hurtful comments on social media. They need a big hug…yet I also want to slap them on the back of the head. Hard.

• All I really wear is a tee shirt or tank, and cutoffs or jeans. Anything else is considered dressing up. Therefore, outfit of the day posts with me would be rather boring. Or maybe not. Who knows.

• I recently cut my hair into a lob, and have yet to properly document or share the cuteness. Lobs rock. Post coming soon. 

• Not having your blog turn into one big advertisement is a constant battle. I guess this is a good problem to have, and it’s teaching me the importance of having to say no, not at this time, from time to time. 

• I am addicted to iced coffee. With Almond milk. And a splash of agave. I am perfecting this recipe, and shall share soon

• I just organized my closet and office, and feel like this accomplishment deserves a national holiday. If you don’t know this about me, I am the most unorganized person on the planet.

• I wish more people would be concerned with doing what makes them good vs. what makes them happy. I think I read a quote somewhere where Brand Pitt was saying the same thing. Makes me feel good knowing Brad and I see eye to eye.

• I am really behind in taking pics…because of my dog. I hate leaving her, and I have to drive an hour to a beach where you can take a dog with you. And then we just end up playing fetch the whole time. 

• Dear men in the gym: It is called a squat rack, not a bicep curl rack.

• Surfing in LA this summer is more motivation that ever, for me to save up for another surf trip somewhere where it’s not crowded. Sorry, I am grateful to be living near the ocean again, but I do not do well with closeouts and crowds. On that note, if anyone has fun uncrowded surf spots within driving distance from LA, can I tag along?

• Whenever I see a photo of mine posted or ripped off somewhere, I cry on the inside. When it’s some of my writing, I tend to also yell at whatever screen I am looking at.

• I just finished reading Wild, and have a sudden urge to go backpacking somewhere, all by myself, for a week. 

• I am pretty sure Cameron Diaz and I (if we ever met) would be workout, surfing, and life long buddies. (Yes, I also finally finished reading The Body Book.) 

• The Instyle Germany thing was a freaking huge deal. I should’ve talked about that a lot more. 

• Age is just a number, and 33 is not old. It’s awesome. It just sounds weird when I have to say it out loud. I have no clue where the last decade of my life went. It was fun, but I have no clue…

• I still have no clue why I haven’t traveled to Australia yet. Maybe this winter.

• I also have no clue why I do not own a longboard. Need to remedy that situation asap.

•  I’ve had so many ideas that I thought would lead to great DIYs, that have led to total DIY fails. So if you are wondering why I haven’t done that many DIYs, it’s not that I’m not trying. I just stink at them sometimes.

• Why are all rental properties painted that boring, bland, blah beige color. What’s wrong with bright, plain old white walls, it’s only like a shade or two difference. 

• I really wish I would’ve though of the Modern Seinfield Twitter account, or the Texts from Dog blog. That stuff is brilliant. 

• All I really want…is for Sophia Vergara to record my greeting on my voicemail for me.  

• I love life, but somedays…just aren’t that awesome. So, I have to take the effort to find one thing, even if it’s little, to make the day unique. Maybe it’s trying a new coffee spot, taking my dog for 2 walks, trying a new recipe for dinner, or just making an effort to get outside and watch the sunset. 

• My friend, Rachel, told me I am like the Oprah for beach bums. I kind of think that’s one of the greatest compliments ever.

…There you go.

Cheers to getting through those blocks, and loving your life, not matter what, along the way.



If you are in a funk, feel free to do the same and tag it #25randomthoughtstherapy …fun times.

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