Quick Pool workouts


This week, I put on my goggles (that always fog up), a sporty suit ( sorry no swim cap), and did a fun and quick pool workout not once, but twice. High five. Then I thought to myself, I really should post about this. Because I love pool workouts, and some pools might (unfortunately) be closing after this weekend. 

So without any further delay…here you go.

10 minutes of Quick 50’s

You’ll need a stopwatch or a clock with a very visible second hand. 

• Swim back and forth (50 m) as fast as you can.

• Take a 10 second break.

• Repeat 10 more times. 

• Done.

Pat (or splash) yourself on your back. You just sprinted 500m.

Tip: I like to remember how long it took me on my first 50 m sprint, and aim to keep each sprint at or below that time. 

Pool Barre

I messed around with this the other day. Basically, if you use the side of the pool like a barre (in barre class) you can do almost any of the moves or routines you know from barre…in a pool. You mix things up. It’s refreshing. Plus, the added resistance is a great perk for some moves.

Maybe I need to do a video for this. Could be funny. 

But not as funny as this

Now get off your computer or phone, go get in the water, and have fun blasting some calories.

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