Such a wonderful bunch of pricks


As much as I love to talk about ways to workout and break a sweat, I’ve lagged a bit in talking about actual ways to take care of your body from the inside out. You know, cleansing, massages, and therapeutic stuff like that. Stuff like…acupuncture. Which I just happened to have for the first time ever in my life. 

And it rocked.

And was quite the eye-opener, so I had to share.

I met with Forooz Ardalan, Ph.D., L.Ac. at Atlas Health Care Center in LA, and to say this lady made a great first impression was an understatement. She had the relaxing nature of a masseuse who you’d want to tell your life story to, combined with an air of confidence and sophistication that you’d want in someone who is about to stick a bunch of needles in you. In short, we were pals. Even if it was just for an hour.

A little about acupuncture. It’s been around since 1100 BCE, which says a lot that it’s still around now, given all the amazing medical advances that have happened in the world.

You can use acupuncture to treat Aches and pains, digestive problems, reproductive problems, stress, anxiety, cardiovascular probs, and even cosmetic stuff, like wrinkles. So what did I choose to focus on? My left knee. It is moody and likes to act up all the time. I blame 4 years of college field hockey on astroturf. And life in general. It seems like knee problems seem to be imminent in life if you like to run, play, and be active. So yes, the needles were going into my knee.

Forooz put a bunch of long Japanese needles in my knee (here’s a pic), and honestly, I could hardly feel them. However, my knee instantly felt relaxed and warm, which was pretty cool. I then learned that acupuncture has an endorphine releasing effect. Which it did, and was pretty sweet. 

The next part was the big eye opener. In the initial consultations I was asked what my energy level was, which, on a scale of one to ten, I replied A NINE!!! (Yeah Coffee!) Then, after all the needles were in my knee, Forooz asked me to stick out my tongue. Then explained it is scalloped on the sides, which meant my body is exhausted, and I was running on fumes. Which was probably because of me eating dairy, which I shouldn’t be. Because I’m lactose intolerant. And have been my whole life. But still eat the stuff. 

She then put a heat lamp over my knee, which warmed up the needles, (which increased the aforementioned endorphine effect), turned off the lights, walked out of the room. And I passed out for a 20 minute power nap. 

So much for that level nine energy level.

I am not sure if the power nap is for everyone, or just dairy eating lactose intolerant folk like myself. But it was a great nap. And no, I did not dream about ice cream.

Forooz returned to take the needles out, and even did a quick little cupping therapy on a spot on my back that had been killing me. Then voila… we were done.

And I felt oooohhhh sooooo great.

My creaky knee felt warm, loose, and ready to go on a super long hike or go sweat to the oldies with Richard Simmons or something. My back pain had even lessened a bit. And this was just after one trip. 

To sum it all up, acupuncture was a wonderful bunch of pricks.

And I am cutting out dairy.

So, next time you are feeling out of whack, hurting, or something is wrong, I’d highly suggest you look into acupuncture as a treatment option. Most health insurance companies even cover it so all you have to pay is a co-pay.

Cheers to that.

And taking care of our bodies.

And amazing power naps with a heat lamp and a bunch of needles in our knees.

And coconut milk ice cream for me. 


Thanks Forooz. See you again soon. 


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