Always Missing Hawaii On Lei Day

Let’s be honest. I still miss Hawaii every single day. The place got a hold of my heart in so many different ways that it’d be weird if I didn’t think of it in some shape or form in a 24 hour period. Well, May Day, aka Lei Day in Hawaii is one where my IMissHawaiiitus gets kicked up a notch. The smells, the natural beauty of it all, and the simplistic and giving nature of it. Ohh transport me back someday, please.

I’ll never forget when my landlord let me use her lei needle (and plumeria tree) to make my first lei on Lei day. It was an all yellow plumeria one, and it was freaking gorgeous. Makes me smile thinking of it.

Fast forward six or seven years (or is it eight? I stopped counting) and I still try and make one each year to honor the day. Ok, and to at least mentally take me back to Hawaii for a bit. Some years I get creative, some years I strike out, but I at least try. I wanted to make one this year and heard Daphne smells just like plumeria, but the guy at Home Depot (this is as far as I’ve gone to buy any flowers so far) looked at me like I was speaking Swahili when I asked if they carried it. And all my neighbors’ trees with any blooms were too deep into their property for me to go pick flowers without it being considered awkward/possible trespassing.

So, my attempt this year was less about the craft and more about the hunt. A late night google search led me to the Hawaii General Store in Seattle, where they carry fresh leis (and also make custom ones…which I’ll definitely be dropping a not so subtle hint for my husband for Mother’s day.) Boom! Yay for freshly strung blooms.

I don’t plan on taking this off for the rest of the day, and am kind of wearing it as a mustache as I type this post. It smells that good.

Also, gotta love which one they just happened to get in fresh this morning…an all yellow plumeria one.

Happy Lei Day everyone. If you’re in Hawaii take lots of deep breaths of that amazing smelling air, or just go ahead and make a lei for me too (But give it to a friend or rock it yourself.)

Massive thank you’s to: Annacoco Hawaii – Handmade Tapa Jacket // Amy Grace – teardrop Necklace // Pearl. Love. Jewelry –  Pearls // Jemma Sands – Turquoise // Kate Davis – Beach bum // Clhei – Belt // … I am not worthy of all your radness.

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