So, I’m headed back to Kauai

So, I’m headed back to Kauai in 45 days, 7 hours and 28 minutes. (Not that I’m counting down or anything.) Well, that had me going through old pics, which led me to finding lots of fun ones that I’ve failed to post, like this Anthurium top knot. 

The anthurium was in a bouquet that my friend’s mom made for us when we stayed in their guest studio. (Sidenote: Simple things like that are so darn beautiful. If I ever have a guest house, all guests will be welcomed with little bouquets made by moi.) Well, I stuck that beauty in my salty topknot, stepped out on the porch, and boom. Good hair moment.

In case anyone wanted to know the story behind the pic. Here you go. 

Let the countdown, and continued perusal of old Hawaii pics, resume… 

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