Latest Pinspirations


I kind of miss the days where I’d cut out pages and pics from magazines, catalogs and newspaper then stuff them in a big notebook I had at my desk. But, scrolling through pinterest somehow gets the brain butterflies going too. 

Here’s a little fraction of the the thing that have me pressing the pin it button lately:

A balance beam worth jumping off of. Damn that’s gorgeous.  

A super duper relevant quote -THAT I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. A’ La Andy Rooney. 

This dreamy surf van. I could live in it. Or I’m seriously contemplating getting an old one ( or an airstream) and turning it into a mobile nail salon/art gallery/beach shop. Dream big. In a van. 

Flower eyeliner – If my eyelids would cooperate and I had the time, I’d contemplate trying this. 

Hair Goals. Big time. Pretty sure that’s Hanalei Reponty. Aka hair goal beach goddess. 

Whoever wrote this read my mind. I’ve read waaaay too many inspirational quotes lately, and haven’t consumed enough coffee. 

A sea of puppies. You’re welcome. Whoever took this, I want to hug you too.

*None of these images are mine. They are all from my pinterest. Please click on the links above to find the image source or pin. 

…And I might still need to bring back the old inspiration binder too. 

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