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Well, time is flying by, and somehow I am already in my third trimester. Yes third. The home stretch. Literally and figuratively. I have so many thoughts going through my mind (Or do I? I am so scatterbrained lately it’s nuts), and been asked a few questions. So, I figured I’d gather them up and just talk about how this pregnancy is going so far. 

In short, so far so good. 

First off, a little known fact is my dad is an OB/GYN. So I’ve somehow been around pregnancy in some form, my entire life. He’s not my actual Doctor…that would just be wrong. But it’s great to have an expert just a phone call away. True story: One night I was talking to him and he said I might feel the baby move soon. Well, later on that night when I was switching the laundry I felt the l’il fella/gal move. My dad’s kinda super rad like that.

Well, unlike my dad, I am no expert on pregnancy. I am actually pretty clueless, and have just taken it all day by day. All I am doing is listening to my body. Really really well. For the first time in my life. 

In terms of working out: I am still doing what I always do. Lifting weights, running intervals, hiking, swimming, doing yoga and being as active as I can be. I’ve gotten a few thumbs up and high fives from people I run by (even though my run feels more just like a hobble), and a few funny looks or encouraging compliments from people at the gym. Which made me smile. It feels good doing what I am used to doing, and I’m so thankful I haven’t had to stop being active (knock on wood).

So, what’s changed? The bigger I get, the less heavy I am able to lift my legs (you know, squats and stuff like that), I’m not doing any crazy plyos, and pull ups are getting harder each week. Which is understandable. It’s like I am holding a 25 lb weight when I do one. Yeowza. My basic rule is if it hurts or feels wrong in belly-land, stop it, and figure out something else. 

And My Belly Sports Bra, (or whatever it’s called) has been a non negotiable must have.

In terms of nutrition: You know people talk about that pregnancy “glow” They SAY it’s progesterone, but I think it’s because you are so dialed in on your nutrition, that your skin can’t help but be amazing. Seriously. Cutting out caffeine (ok, I have 1-3 cups of coffee a week now) and alcohol, drinking a ton of water, and cutting back on refined sugar and processed foods does wonders for your skin. It’s pretty cool. 

I still eat a balanced diet, love ice cream, and have pizza every now and then. But it’s crazy how much your mindset changes about food when you view what you are eating as the building blocks for another human. I just crave the good stuff. 

Which leads to cravings. 

That’s a common question I get. But, being a person who freaking loves food, I honestly have craved (weird and normal food combos) my whole life. So, I am not sure I’ve had any pregnancy cravings, or I am just desensitized to them. But no weird stuff yet. However, we still have 3 moths to go.  

I have yet to read a baby book, and rarely check any baby/prenatal websites…but I did download an app so I know how far along I am. Otherwise I don’t think I’d be that good at keeping track. I know, what a shock. 

So I am not really prepared at the moment. But is anyone ever really prepared? So I keep taking it day by day. If we buy a crib, a car seat, have a few onesies, diapers, a beanie and a blanket…that should be a good start, right? 


In terms of clothing: I am still wearing pretty much all of my clothes. My addiction to loose baggy tops is coming in handy. Maxi dresses, and stretchy materials rock (I kinda love biker shorts at the moment too), and If I feel like wearing jeans or jean shorts, the Bellaband and Adjust-A-Button have kept my denim lineup unscathed. 

…and of course, bikinis are still being worn, with pride. As you can see in the pics.

I just have to dig a little hole in the sand when I want to lay down on my stomach.

I am still surfing: Or attempting to. But might just be grabbing my kicks fins and body surfing from now on. Mainly because in short boarding, the dynamics of paddling into a wave are just off for me, and I must confess, I suck at knee paddling a longboard. So we shall see. As long as I can be in the ocean. Sanity will be in tact. 

What else…

Yes, I felt like total crap the first 3 months, my boobs (although bigger, which is such an added perk) feel like nail polish remover is being poured on the nipples when I am in cold water or the frozen food aisle, and I swear I am part narcoleptic, because I could fall asleep anytime anywhere, for at least an hour. 

So, don’t worry, it hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies. 

And I am slathering on coconut oil and vitamin e oil all over like it’s my job in hopes of keeping stretch marks away. So far so good. Wish me luck. 

But there are two things that just make me smile…

My pup, Kili curls up on my belly and listens to the baby at night, which makes my heart melt. And every now and then, my husband looks at me in a new way, that gives me butterflies and makes me weak in the knees. 

Ok, I’m done. 

The kiddo is kicking. 

Time to go eat some more watermelon. And drink another lemonade. 

Maybe I am having cravings after all. 

Pics: Official 7 months pic, in Triangl, while playing fetch with Kili at Rincon // A pic my mom took of my husband and I, that I love // And Kili smiling at her future little brother/sister. Or maybe it’s just the tennis ball I was holding.

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