4 More Weeks


Well, today I am officially 36 weeks pregnant. Aka one month to go. Aka sometime in the next 4 weeks the little gal or guy could decide to get this party started. Aka I am full of mixed emotions. And yes, feeling like time flew by insanely fast, and I still have no clue what I am doing or will do, is definitely one of them. Also the ability to cry at something as simple as a commercial, is apparently a new skill I have. Harry and Lloyd would be oh so proud.

So, here are some thoughts as the home stretch draws (uncomfortably) near. 

Other than feeling like I have a huge watermelon implanted in my belly that apparently has already taken up kickboxing, I somehow still feel somewhat mobile, agile, and like myself….84% of the time. The other 16% of the time. I feel like curling up in bed all day with a quart or Talenti gelato, and watching Moneyball, The Descendants and Blue Crush on repeat.

Working out: I am still working out and exercising, and being as active as possible. Which has been the biggest game changer in my mood, energy level, water retention, and sanity. If anything has proved to me how great working out is for our bodies. It’s being pregnant. Yes I am a super slow runner, (my mom and I went for a run last week and she said she loves running with me when I’m pregnant. Because she can keep up with me) and weight lifting-wise, lower body movements are lightweight or bodyweight and high reps, but upper body wise, I’m still in meathead mode. Rawr. And I’m definitely still doing pull-ups. (I want to somehow get a video documenting this.) Even though I can only do 3 at a time. I told myself I’d do them all through my pregnancy, and have. High five. Oh and then there’s yoga. I freaking love how yoga makes me feel. Especially hip openers. 20-30 minute classes on Yoga glo. I Iove you.

Food: The funny thing about food lately, is it’s one extreme or another. Meals seem to be all super healthy salads, fruits, and smoothies…or I just want ice cream, pizza and Mexican food. Which, is still how I eat all the time. So still not sure if it’s a pregnancy thing. Except for watermelon. My love for cold, juicy succulent watermelon has reached an all time high. I could eat it at every single meal, snack, and time in between. I went to a self serve frozen yogurt place that had watermelon sorbet and almost fainted out of pure ecstatic joy. 

Nursery: Last week my mom and I miraculously turned my home office that looked like a mini tornado had made an appearance in it, into a ¾ nursery, ¼ home office space. And we did it on a budget. And it looks great. I’ll shut up about it now, because I want to snap a few pics and do a post on it soon.

Baby stuff: Ok, baby stuff is cute. Super cute. And yes I bought a sweatshirt for the little guy/gal to be that costs as much as one I’d wear, even though it is 1/16 of the size I’d wear, and she/he will grow out of it in no time. Yes, it’s all that cute. Some lines I’m loving are: Childhoods clothing, Two Tykes, Children of The Tribe,…and anything that’s a good deal on Amazon like Aden & Anais blankets, or this towel which allows me to dress the kiddo up like a shark. 

My stuff: I am pretty much still wearing all my clothes, just in different ways: Tying tees above my belly in a knot at the beach, lots of tunics, maxi dresses and rompers, any clothing that stretches and doesn’t have a waistband, jean shorts that are unbuttoned and pulled down with a baggy tee on top (to cover my lack of being able to button my shorts), and form fitting dresses (Because they stretch.) Then these leggings (which I will wear even after le baby because they are so damn comfy) are life savers.

Oh and bikinis. They’re probably my favorite thing to wear. It’s summer, we just had a heat wave. Makes sense. In fact I’m wearing one as I type this.

Stretch marks: So far no stretch marks. Hallelujah. I might have one, but oh well we shall see. I’ve been slathering on a combo of coconut oil, vitamin E oil and Rose hip seed oil nonstop. Like I might have OCD (over coconutoiling disorder.) But, so far so good.

Not so fun stuff: Sitting down for a long period of time makes me waddle for at least 7 minutes when I stand up and try to walk, I can’t really fly or travel anymore because it could cause labor, I’m tired (yet it’s really hard to get super comfy and sleep,) and getting up from lying down takes some odd acrobatic skills I’ve acquired. My belly button also popped, and every other part of my stomach was tan, so it looked like a cinnamon roll. Actually, that was pretty funny.

…And I miss surfing. Body surfing is fun and being in the ocean keeps me sane. but I miss being on my board. 

Names: We (amazingly) have a few we love, and have liked for a while. And agreed on from the get go. And my husband came up with them all. Which I think is so rad. Sorry, not sharing them though 🙂

And finally…

The Fam: Kili still curls up with the belly, but it’s uncomfortable to have her head on it so she just lays next to it and listens with a paw up on the bump. She also follows me everywhere, and is definitely going to be such a great big sister. My husband is pretty darn excited, which is pretty darn cute. I can’t wait to see this behemoth of a man holding a little baby. And although he might kill me for typing this –  when he gives the baby bump a little kiss and talks to the little gal/guy, I can’t help but laugh, blush, and fall in love even more. 

There you go. 

4 weeks left. Wish us luck. 

I’m off to go on a really slow run then hunt down some watermelon sorbet at the frozen yogurt shop. 


Pics Top to bottom, left to right: Family portrait. Just the 3.9 of us // Look. I can see my toes. //  Official 9 months pic (wearing all Imrie) // Bumps on Bikes // Strolling at Huntington Beach with Kili.

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