Beach Hair 101: Lazy Messy Bun.

I’m sure everyone has a different way of going about making a messy bun on top of their head, most of which we do subconsciously throughout the day. But I though I’d go ahead and share one of my faves, because there is just something about a lazy, messy updo that gets your hair out of your face, that is also incredibly flattering and stylish.

Messy Bun.

1. Bend over, grab all your hair in a pony tail as high as you can on top of your head. If some pieces don’t make it in, even better. If your hair is dirty, still wet or slightly damp, even mo’ bettah.

2. Secure with a rubber band

3. Divide hair into two sections.

4. Loosely wrap one section in one direction around the rubber band. Tuck the ends under the elastic or pin in place.

5. Repeat with the other section, but wrap hair loosely in the opposite direction as the first section.

6. Loosen things up a bit if you want, pull out a few pieces of hair in the bun, and enjoy looking like a hot mess.

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