RX Bikini Bod: Beefed Up Cardio

In honor of Fat Tuesday, I thought I’d pass along a few tried and true ways to take a leisurely cardio session, and beef it up a bit. You will do more for your bod than simply burning calories, time goes by faster, and helps switch things up a bit if you are feeling unmotivated or bored. Happens to me regularly. And the answer is yes, I do have attention problems.

1. Go on a run, but bring along a jump rope. Every 3-5 minutes minutes, stop and jump rope 100-150 times, (throw in a some double unders if you want bonus points) and keep going for however long your run is.

2. Jog to any park with a bench. Sprint about 100 yards in the opposite direction of the bench, jog back, and do ten bench jumps, repeat ten times. Yup, no rest in between. Run home. (This is my workout today)

3. Along your running route, find reoccurring markers and sprint to every other one. (every other block, light post, Honda Accord, guy in a speedo who shouldn’t be – if you are on the beach, etc.)

4. If you are on a stair master or elliptical machine, grab a medicine ball or dumbbell ball, and every other minute keep exercising, but hold the ball over your head with straight arms. (LOVE this one)

5. If you are listening to your ipod, go as fast as you possibly can for the chorus of each song. Option #2: stop (or get off the machine) and do burpies for the chorus of the song. Choose songs wisely. Free Bird can be a beeyotch.

Ok, now you can get excited for bikini season already.

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