The Beach House

Well, the movers come tomorrow (actually it’s more like this morning) and as I’m battling jet lag and the inevitable sea of cardboard boxes and packing paper, I figured I’d drift off to dream beach house land. I guess it’s also a way to start brainstorming ways to beachify our rental in Seattle. Which by the way, I am pleassed to announce does not have beige walls. Praise the lord. They’re cool grey.

I’m going to miss our 10 munte drive from the beach house here. But, as usual, always looking forward, and dreaming of one day having  a 10 second walk to the beach house one day too.

So, here’s a few things that are making me attempt to not go out for coffee every day in Seattle so I can save for that aforementioned down payment….for the next 30 years.

Top to Bottom:

Garance Doré’s entryway…is so Garance. Therefore it is laid back, yet oh so chic and rad and I want to hang out in her home for a day and just drink good coffee and talk.  ( Full house tour here. Be prepared to drool.)

• Handcrafted monstera bowls by Lauren Sumner Pottery. I’ll take a dozen of these now.  Please.

• When I think of Bohemian beachy but not too over the top living room this beauty comes to mind. High five for those twinkle lights.

• There’s something about a totally monochromatic tiled bathroom. I’m not sure if it’s OCD or soothing. Either way, I like the vibe.

• A piece of Mixed Media art by Pete Cabrinha would be oh so lovely. And appropriate. And I’d just stare at it all day and feel like a badass.

• Loving the oversized print by Kara Rsenlund…and everything that goes with it: hat, shells on the coffee table, and don’t get me started on that buttery carmael whiskey whatever you call it leather couch. Yum.

• And finally, I’d love this palm print to magically turn into a wallpaper (preferably removable) that could cover a big wall in my home and be my backdrop for lots and lots of pics. Deal? Deal.

Yup. Dreamy stuff.

Man oh man, houses can be so cool.


*None of these photos are mine. All photos are from my Beach House and Fixin Up My Rental Pinterest boards.

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