RX Bikini Bod. Butt kicking beach run


There’s nothing like a good barefoot, long sandy run on the beach. But sometimes you happened to drink a bunch of beers and eat half of a fully loaded pizza the night before ( like me)…or you spent the day in front of a computer (like me), and well…you need to kick your butt. Here’s a little 30 minute workout that will do just that.

Barefoot sandy run butt kicker.

The softer and deeper the sand the better. AKA the North Shore of Oahu is ideal 🙂

• Run out for 15 minutes at a steady somewhat difficult pace.

• At 15 minutes, stop, and do 100 jumping jacks in the sand, and 10 burpies.

• Now turn around and run back, but you MUST get back to your starting point in less than 15 minutes. If it seems easy, sprint 20-30 seconds, then jog 30/40 seconds all the way back.

• Repeat the 100 jumping jacks, (plus the 10 burpies only if you feel like being an overachiever.)

Hop in the ocean, then take a nap.

Tank top and bikini by Roxy Outdoor fitness.

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