RX Bikini Bod: Go Barefoot

There is one simple way to work your legs & benefit your quest for a bikini bod: Leave your shoes at home.

Running shoes are great, don’t get me wrong – but they are so heavily cushioned and crazy, they practically do the running and work for you. Our feet have a naturally complex range of motion paired with an insanely intricate matrix of muscles, nerves, tendons, and ligaments – that need to be used and exercised. Always strapping the latest Asics to them doesn’t let you get the most out of your feet.

If you happen to live by the beach, just ditch the kicks and run on the sand (also acts as a niice pedi-smoother). If you are land-locked or in the city, there are some great barefoot running shoes made by Newton, and VIbran Five Fingers, that allow you to hit the pavement or your favorite trail without picking up tetanus, gravel, or Fido’s dumps along the way.

Running & walking barefoot has a crazy amount of perks – so before you say “no way Jose”, read below.

1: Reflexology – The soles of your feel are you body’s energy conductors – remember the last time you ran around barefoot – felt pretty exhilarated huh? It wakes up and stimulates your whole bod.

2: Speed: You run waaaaay faster (take a look at Usain Bolt’s shoes when he competes) – and therefore burn more calories.

3: Less impact: Sounds crazy, but when you run barefoot your foot distributes the impact evenly, with a running shoe it all focuses the shock on your heel.

4: Strengthens your feet: Without your Nikes doing all the work, your feet get stronger, which helps with balance, natural reactions, and injury prevention.

– I’m not saying burn all your sneakers, but just try it out – and see if you can feel the benefits. It has really helped me – and to be frank, makes running around a whole lot o’ fun. (And gives you an excuse to get more foot massages)

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