Bikini cleanse. A Box of sweetness.


See this above product, Bikini Cleanse? Well yours truly helped design the packaging. Hold on while I stare at it in person for a sec. It’s just so sweet.

And so is the actual product (figuratively), and well, stevia sweet (literally). 

It’s a 7 day cleanse but I kind of like to call it a 7 day willpower challenge. There is a meal plan (yes you get to eat, and chew food), smoothie packs, bikini sticks (aka little to-go drink powders you can put into a bottle of water), and tea that you drink at night. Yum.

It’s a cool program with a daily checklist paired with a motivational message, and it has an all around fun vibe that makes you feel pretty darn good about yourself.

I am starting it today. Because I need to reassure myself that I do in fact have some willpower before football season starts. And although there is an emphasis on weight loss in the product’s packaging, I think it’s a great idea to challenge yourself every now and then, to see how great your body can feel, regardless of what you weigh at the start and finish.

Ok, and it also has some pretty rad packaging.

The founder, Nicole Pollard Bayme, also happens to be über cool and insanely stylish. And…she is offering any of my followers who want to try it out 25% off with code: GFKISS25 – If you buy a box, be sure to leave a review saying how cool the packaging is. Thanks.

Cheers to a week of clean eats, and a really fun (and rewarding to see the final product) project for moi. // @bikinicleanse on instagram, tumblr and twitter.

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