Calavera. Stay put chic.

Anyone out there reading this during a drawn out unnecessary meeting, dreaming of paradise, pay attention. Anyone out there who has had a full moon or boob flash after a duck dive, wipeout, cannonball, or high dive swan dive. You should listen too, as I tell a story about Anna, and a lovely little line called Calavera.

After nearly a decade working in London’s investment banking world, Anna Jerstrom met the love of her life. Surfing. She quit her job, packed her bags and headed off to Costa Rica…but thankfully for all of us, her business savvy entrepreneur instincts, and sewing machine came along too. 

Along came Calavera. A line of technically detailed suits, that are able to stay put through pretty much any active endeavor, yet are still feminine and don’t make you feel like you must be wearing a swim cap as an accessory. Really, the line is intriguing. It seems like every detail has a reason. And man do I appreciate it. We’re talking surf sessions where, not even once was my bikini needing to be adjusted, touched or repositioned. And I wipe out a ton.

Oh yeah, the suits are also under $100. I told you Anna was quite the business woman.

My hands down favorite style is the Glam top and Skimpy bottom duo (pictured above). It’s the sporty, cheeky, super supportive without feeling like you are carrying a 20lb dumbbell around your neck, long lost top we all wanted. If I had big boobs I would be even more ecstatic. The bottoms have a hidden drawstring, so cheeky doesn’t turn into mooning.


Venture on over to Calavera and their Facebook page…then pick up a suit, and try to get it to budge. I dare ya. 

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