Coconut Iced Coffee.


Coffee. It just makes my world a better place. And Coconut milk, well, that reminds me of anything topical, plus it has oodles of health benefits. Lucky for us all, there is an easy way to combine the two that makes a healthy, no waste, new spin on your traditional cup of joe. Or as I call it, a hug in a mug. 

All you do is this:

• Pour brewed or left over coffee into an ice tray. (I scored some perfectly thematic little fish shaped trays from ikea.) Let it freeze, then you will be left with…wait for it…coffee ice.

• Then fill up your usual mug or glass with the aforementioned coffee ice cubes, and pour coconut milk in to fill up the glass. Donezo.

The more the cubes melt, the more coffeefied your beverage gets. Plus, coconut milk is already so tasty, You don’t really need to add any sweetener. Yum.

I use the grocery store “fake coconut milk” but if you have access to coconuts and the real deal, I’m sure that’s delicious and I’d love to come over for a cup of coffee anytime.

Cheers to finding a way to be a little bit beachy and healthy…even with your daily hug in a mug. 

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