A few perks of bundling up

A few perks of bundling up and heading to the beach when it’s cold… 

1: No one else wants to go, so I had the beach all to myself as far as my eyes could see. 

2: Therefore, I scored some of the big kahuna shells that washed up overnight.

3: Which also meant I was able to sing Midnight Train to Georgia at the top of my lungs (and whatever else Levi was asking me to sing while we walked) without worrying that anyone else would hear it.

4: I got to sneak Kili onto the beach to join in on the fun, (i.e the best long walk she’s had in a while.)…and reminded me of all of our Half Moon Bay outings

Yup. I’m a fan of cold beach days. 

Kili is too. 

P.S. It does get cold in Northwest Florida – It even snowed a few nights ago. Not Minnesota cold, but still…cold. Just had to clarify that. Also, we ran into two ladies at the end, so I did see two people for a few minutes. They were awesome and played with Kili. Therefore, I think we’d be friends if we ran into each other again, given that they love dogs and going for beach walks even when it’s cold.

P.P.S I also learned that our internet “Freezes” aka doesn’t work when the temps dip below 40 at our place. So, sorry for going missing for a few days there. That was my excuse. 

More beach combing pics here // Kili’s collar is from Beast and Babe. Always have to give them a shoutout. Best dog collars ever.

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