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  • Navarre Beach Travel Guide

    Well, we’ve officially moved away from the Navarre Beach/Pensacola beach/Emerald coast/hidden gem of Florida region. And yes, I already miss it. Ironically, I’ve also received more requests on places to stay and things to do

  • Bermuda Excursion

    Bermuda. It’s a place I’ve always been intrigued by, and wanted to travel to, but had no clue when and how it would actually happen. But it finally did. We cruised on over, and got

  • A few perks of bundling up

    A few perks of bundling up and heading to the beach when it’s cold…  1: No one else wants to go, so I had the beach all to myself as far as my eyes could

  • There was a big swell last

    There was a big swell last week, and well, it kind of changed the entire dynamic of parts of the beach where I take Kili for her beach runs. In certain areas, sand was replaced

  • Friendship Bracelet Bobby Pins

    Figured it was time to bring back an oldie but a goodie that gives you an excuse to easily craft something but also gives those locks a little boho vibe. Yup. Friendship bracelet bobby pins.

  • A Scenic Diversion

    I swear the unplanned, hey let’s just go to the beach outings always end up having the best surprises. Take this afternoon, for example. It was kind of overcast, about 50 degrees out. I just

  • Happy Sandy Hand

    The shells here on the Gulf Coast never cease to amaze. I wish I could predict the days when they seem to wash up, or when the itty bitty micro shells are everywhere, but I

  • Festive Shells

    This is what happens when you combine sharpies, some shells, old school Christmas music, a good cup of coffee ( with or without Baileys), and about 45 minutes of unplugged zen time. I’m not sure if this is

  • I decided to take the whole

    I decided to take the whole shell painting thing quite literally.  Turns out the porous and chalky looking shells absorb watercolors really well. So, I grabbed a brush, some paint, and water, then messed around with