Some Gems From The Posts Folder

I have an album just titled, “posts” – it was an attempt to be organized and have photos ready to share, but it’s ended up being a bunch of photos I talked myself out of sharing for one (lame and/or hyper-critical) reason or another. However, looking through them all tonight, with a new perspective, I couldn’t love each one more. For different reasons. I seriously want to curl up in a ball and cry on the inside (Ok, outside too. I got choked up) because this was such a beautiful season of life, and I miss it, but I am so glad I carpe-d each diem, too. Especially with my little dude.

I guess each one shows a little morsel or feeling, and together just stirred something up inside me. So I just said to hell with it, and here you go…favorites all in one.

So I say celebrate the little moments, share stuff that makes your heart sing a happy tune, stop overthinking, capture the essence of stuff, and of course, get sandy and soak up the sunshine and when you can.

And I’ll go in and add more pics to that “posts” folder. Who knows what emotions they might stir up a year from now.


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