Friendly Reminder

Sorry for the lack of posting. I had some unexpected travel (that wasn’t really something I felt like writing about) pair that with feeling under the weather, the heartbreaking stuff going on in the world and with some people I know, etc., it’s all left me feeling rather uninspired. Trust me, y’all don’t want to read the crap I’d post just for the sake of posting.

Never fear, I am en route to a sunny, sandy, surf and fish taco filled destination, and am getting mental butterflies just thinking of it. So I wanted to leave you with this little nugget. One thing I’m working on is the things I tell myself. I’ve pretty much been my own worst hype man to myself as possible, and let’s just say my inner voice is a total a-hole. I’m working on reversing that.

So, in case you need to hear this today or need a reminder, please tell yourself the following:

You are beautiful

You are loved

You are more than enough

Your smile brightens the day

Your dreams are valid – and you should stop talking yourself out of chasing them.

No one is perfect (And if they were, it’d be super boring.)

You are doing a better job than you think

There is no such thing as being too old to learn something new, grow, or give something a shot

Your imperfections are flawlessly you

There is only one you and it happens to rock


Your butt looks great in those jeans. Or Yoga pants. Or whatever you’re wearing.

….Or in my case, I’ll be telling myself my pale bootie still looks good in a cheeky bikini.

Have a great day. Go find something beautiful in it.

Mine might be a margarita.

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