Scenes from Sayulita

Ohh Sayulita. We’ve been here for a week now and this place has my kind of inspiration everywhere: Fun waves, good food, colors, glorious colors everywhere, murals, unique artistic touches and a bohemian vibe that have all been something my salty artist’s soul’s been craving. And some sunshine. Hallelujah for Vitamin D and a few kisses from the sun. Even though it was raining the first few days. It was a warm tropical rain. I’ll take it.

I’ve taken a bunch of pictures, sketched a few sketches, had some good strolls around town and beach walks, drank quite a few margaritas, had lots of ice cream dates…you get the point.

I can only imagine what this place was like a decade ago, but I’m glad we finally made it.

This is one of those trips where you play hard during the day and pass out way too early and way too easily at night. Oh wait, that’s any surf/beach trip for me.

In short. I’m pooped, yet mentally refreshed. It’s a good feeling.

We have a few more days, there should be a few more waves, zero plans to be made, and more pics to take. Maybe. Or maybe they’ll all be mental ones. We shall see.

Life is good. I think half of the PNW is down here right now, and rightfully so.

Hasta luego amigos.

*If you want to know what anything is pictured above, just shoot me a question in the comments and I’ll get you a link. Don’t be shy, I’m just being lazy at the moment. 


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