Here’s another put down your phone

Here’s another put down your phone and stop comparing PSA. 

That I might’ve written for myself. Hence the heavy metaphors.

Lately I am just plagued with a sort of odd insecurity. Almost like I should feel guilty I’m not in a bikini in paradise 24/7 anymore. Or off on some exotic destination or adventure. Maybe It’s because it’s what I’m craving, and it’s just not in the budget…and I seriously need to snap out of it. 

Life is the six inches in front of my face (and however far I can see without my glasses on). And if we just remember to stop and look for the “paradise” that surrounds us…we’ll see it’s there in all shapes and forms. 

…Hold on, I’m going to go into Nicholas Sparks mode for a bit.

Getting outside, daily walks, a pup sleeping on my lap and snoring, driving with the windows down and my Led Zeppelin turned up, watching Levi fall asleep, that crazy gorgeous start of fall lighting, flowers, belly laughs, my husband in just a towel (yeowza!), a medium hazelnut americano that’s a delectable alarm clock for my tastebuds, working on a painting, a salty breeze, any sort of wide open space, or sometimes it’s even a smile.

There really is amazingly beautiful stuff in the everyday, that if you think of it, is just as uniquely beautiful as an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora. 

Although I am not going to say that isn’t a freakishly knee-weakening sight. 

I’ll stop rambling.

You get the point. 

Ready, set, …remember to look for the paradise in YOUR everyday.

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