These are called my go-go-gadget arm

These are called my go-go-gadget arm pics. It’s how I try and document when I’m feeling somewhat put together, but only have about five seconds to snap a pic before I continue chasing after an (incredibly fast) three-year-old. 

I think this kind of outfit documentation might need to be a regular thing. 

The Deets

Top Left: Rip Curl Shine Down Pullover  – (It’s an oversized long fit neon mustard colored hoodie. It also has a palm tree down the back of one sleeve.) I heart this thing. + Saint Owen sunnies.

Top Right: Gillia Liz Kimono + MOTHER denim XYZ Saint jeans   

Bottom Left: Gillia Marta Kimono + Acacia Celafu one piece + Aloha Collection Fanny pack ( great for shelling) + Costa sunnies 

Bottom Right: Cool Change dress + Clhei Rio Clutch ( and lots of jewels – this was me dressed up.)

All pics edited with the HUJI app

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