Slowing down the to-dos

Oh, Fall. I heart you, and it seems like each year I’m figuring out another reason why. Although we’re only a few weeks into this beloved season, for some reason I feel like the pace of things has calmed down. My heart rate is a little lower, I’m a little more laid back, and well, I’m just slowing down. Maybe it’s a personal change or some growth, or maybe it’s the season. Regardless I love how this time of year can make you slow down for a bit.

Summer gets the glory, Winter gets the sparkle, Spring gets the excitement, and Fall… it gets the deep breaths. And the occasional freakishly gorgeous warm yet crisp days that make me drool and say ARE YOU KIDDING ME LIFE I LOVE YOU!

It’s my kind of season.

So, with each season, I think it’s kind of cool to do a little to do list. If you check off one, amazing, If you check off two, high five. Regardless, this one’s main goal is to just help keep that living in first gear, appreciate the little things vibe alive.

Et voila. Some to-dos…

Slow down. Literally  I don’t know what it was, but recently I found myself turning into a nervous wreck. Always rushing, feeling behind, and trying to do a million things at once. Yes, I think that’s a side effect of having a three-year-old and life nowadays. But it also kinda sucks. So I’m embracing the to hell with it mentality. I don’t want to be in a rush for no reason, and I really want to actually stop and soak up little moments every day. 

Slowing down means something different for each person, but for me, this fall (and hopefully carrying onto the rest of the year), it means breathing, not trying to be a superhuman multitasking wonder woman machine 24/7, doing my best, unplugging, and just remembering to embrace the little moments that each day presents. Yeah. Sounds like a plan.

I pretty much should’ve done this whole post on that. But here are a few more to do’s.

Read. Something, On paper. – Cozy up under a blanket (with our without a caffeinated beverage) and read a book, flip through a magazine, or write in a journal. It’s unbelievable how calming and therapeutic paper is nowadays in our digital age. No screens, scrolling, reading ridiculously long Instagram captions, or blogs. Must involve paper. And ink. I’m journaling in this (shameless self-promotion) and reading The Light Between Oceans, Girl Wash Your Face and The Apricot Memoirs

Watch The Early Sunsets – Yeah, daylight savings time makes me want to cry when it gets dark at 4:45 (or earlier) but that also means it’s a precious time of year when I can get out and watch the sunset with Levi each day. Which makes me cry tears of joy sometimes.

Wear Some Bold Lipstick – This might not seem like it fits, but hear me out. It feels great to stop, take an extra minute or two and put on some makeup, and I swear trying out a fun bold color for fall is a mood booster. Even if you don’t leave the house and just take a pic of it and send to your mom or sister. Suggestions. Burberry’s Liquid Lip Velvet in Oxblood or Urban Decay’s Naked Cherry Vice Lipstick in Devlish

Get Outside – I pretty much love getting outside year round, but this time of year it’s not freezing yet, you get to bust out the cozy gear which, it’s kind of exhilarating lighting, and you aren’t sweating profusely. Time to get outside. Eat on a patio, walk, bike, hike, beach, paddle, hammock, after work runs, yum.

Bake Something From Scratch. – I recently bought Joanna Gaines cookbook, Magnolia Table, after my mom made her cinnamon roll bars, which are probably the most incredible cinnamon rolls I’ve ever consumed. With a side of black coffee Yum. Well, reading the book, had me realize the joy in baking, and creating something from scratch. Joanna is just totally kick ass and inspiring like that. So maybe I’ll finally attempt to bake something from my “bake this” Pinterest board or give those cinnamon bars from Joanna’s cookbook a shot. I also think cooking with Levi, and (attempting to) bake something is some seriously hilarious time well spent. Sidenote: it’s a great time of year to do simmer pots and make my home at least smell like I’m somewhat domestically competent. Which is relaxing.

Enjoy The Lack of Commitments – If you think of it, Fall is just a really chill time of year. The main obligations are to dress up in a costume one day and eat a really big and tasty meal on another (surrounded by family and friends, or football.) There’s not a ton of obligations. So I say it’s a great time to work on saying no to filling up a calendar, setting aside some time to work on stuff you’ve been wishing you had time for, and saying yes to spontaneous do whatever the hell the day throws my way, mentality.

On that note, I think I might wrap up this list…

There’s power naps that need to be had, some burgundy lipstick staring at me over on my counter, an iced coffee writing break that needs to be done, and a sunset walk on the beach with my little dude that I’m just really, really, really looking forward to.

So, if you need to find me, I’m just falling for the slower pace of the season this year. 

Hopefully, you will fall for it too.

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