BOOtiful toes


I have no costume, pumpkins, decorations or candy…but my toes are ready for Halloween. In fact, they’re feeling rather BOOtiful. 

So trick or treat, here’s my feet. (And an attempt at explaining how to paint them, since I did these while hunched over in an awkward position at 11:45 pm, which makes doing a tutorial video pretty difficult.)

Bootiful Toes:

Tools: Nail art brush, fine tip sharpie, dotting tool ( I have a kit similar to this), and some opaque polish (I use Zoya and Julep colors. 

The L’il Ghosts: Paint nails a baby blue/lavender color. Then ghosts = use a nail art brush and basically paint a little white bean shape with a skinny tail and some tiny little arms. Then use a dotting tool and do some tiny eyes and an even tinier mouth. Looks cool to have little parts of the ghosts peeking in on the sides a little so it looks like a pattern. 

Jack O’ Lanterns: Paint your nail orange, then you can grab a fine tip sharpie and just draw on the jack ‘o lantern face. ( Let polish dry before using the sharpie)

Candy Corn: Paint the nail all white, then paint an orange stripe in the middle, and a yellow stripe on the top. Easy.

Spiderweb: Pain nail a baby blue/any light color, then paint three lines. Then make those lines into a web by painting little-curved swoops in between the lines ( You can use a fine tip sharpie for this too.)

Starry Night: Paint toes black/dark gray, then grab a nail art brush and paint some big baby blue stars, then a few little baby blue stars. Looks cool to have the stars coming off the side a little so it looks like a pattern. 

Let the polish dry, then seal the deal with a glossy topcoat.


Don’t fret if you still don’t have a costume. You can just wear all back, some sort of sandals, then tell people to look at your feet. 

Happy Halloween. Save any extra Reese’s Peanut butter cups for me. Yum.

More nail art aqui. // You can also see them all over on Instagram #GoldfishKissToes

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