In A Fall Mood

Somehow it’s the first day of Fall, and honestly, it sure feels like it. It’s like a switch went off last week and the grey is starting to gradually roll into Seattle. I also had to turn our heater on this morning, it was clear and crisp out, the sun is setting earlier, I’m officially on the hunt for sweaters and rain boots, and I’m drinking way too much coffee (oh wait that’s a year-round ordeal.)

So, naturally, I had to make a little mood board, and am updating *my playlists accordingly.

What else? Maybe make a little Fall to-do list. Even though I rarely check off more than a few items. Still, doesn’t hurt to attempt to be productive, right?


• I realized (other than jeans and tees and sweats) my entire wardrobe is beach gear. So, I might need to stock up on some sweaters and stuff like that. Working on a bright mood-boosting sweater (like this beauteous one) roundup post for you here too.

• Maybe Splurge on one of Janessa Leone’s Fall/Winter wool hats so I can look somewhat chic white rocking my sweats and tees and denim. Maybe with a bright sweater mixed in.

Ok, this to-do list isn’t all shopping. Done with shopping stuff.

• Fill up a sketchbook with sketches – Do NOT need to share or post images, just get the creative juices flowing each day.

• Continue to get out and hike. Rain or shine. Just need to get out and find new hikes. Especially with my little dude in tow. Might have to stock up on some Patagonia though. Darn, another shopping to-do.

• Get out and paddleboard. Even in the rain or shine. One of my favorite memories from when we lived in Seattle before was when I went paddle boarding on Thanksgiving in the fall with a bald eagle. Gotta figure out how to do that with zeee kiddo now. Hmmm…

• Drive up to the North Cascades and check out the fall colors. I’ve seen pics it looks ridiculous. This one is a MUST DO.

• As some point rake a big pile of leaves and dive into them. Haven’t done this is waaaay too long. I think My kiddo might LOVE it. It’s ok to do it in a random pile you walk by in a park too, right?

• Do I dare drive out to the country and go to a pumpkin patch/corn maze dealio? We shall see. That’s pushing it.

• Two words: Hot Yoga. Three more: Keep It Up. Seven more: Beczuse Sweating Helps Me Keep My Sanity.

• Dream of how amazing the beach is in the fall (October as always my favorite time at the beach in Hawaii and Florida), but also learn how to embrace the beauty of it here in the PNW.

..and of course, keep the tropical vibe alive, regardless of location, or season.

Cheers to Fall.

Now, go put on those boots you bought over the summer and can’t wait to wear, grab some saucy coffee drink. and drive around with the windows down drinking up that fresh crisp air.

Or, I know it’s a total heatwave in parts of the country still, so maybe keep the sandals on and make the coffee drink be iced.

*Will be updating my Spotify with more playlists, but there are some good ones in the works. The Tunes I’m lovin and Beach jams are pretty stellar though.

None of the photos in the mood board are mine (I found them all over on my Pinterest) Sending a (hopefully not too awkward) bear hug and saucy fall coffee drink to each person behind each image. You’re so, inspiring, and I hope you know it.

More mood boards aqui // And for those who’ve asked, I make all of these in photoshop. But I think the good ‘ol cut and paste from old magazines and newspapers/printouts can’t be beat. I think I’ll make my next one like that (adding that to my to-do list.)

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