20 things I’m savoring these days

I’m trying to avoid the word busy at all cost these days. Yeah, I wish I could invent cloning in a humane and non-creepy way, therefore having myself be my own free assistant.  But I dunno life’s too short to be busy. Time flies, and I want to be a pilot who likes to soak up and savor the season. Yeah, stuff is different, and my groove is out there somewhere waiting to be found. Who knows when that might be. Each day might not be sandy toes, perfect photo moments and suntans, but there’s still SO much stuff worth soaking up, admiring and taking mental pics (or too many pics) of. Sometimes we (especially me) need to take some time to just write them down.

So here’s a little list of the first 20 that came to mind. Yes, it is raining as I write this.

I could expand, and probably should, but something I savor is any hour I can sleep. So off to find a sliver of our king size bed to sleep on – Yes having hardly any room to sleep because it’s me my, husband, son (major bed hog ) and pup ( massive bed hog) just makes me laugh. Ok, the crowded sleeping arrangement is number 21 on the list.

Ok, one more before I go to sleep (and I’m going to try and not preach – actually this is still a big note to myself) – don’t miss out on whatever season you’re in has to offer, simply because you’re blinders are on (or staring at a screen) and the little beauties are passing by. Maybe they’re even staring at you with wide eyes, and a maple glaze donut in hand, just wanting to go for a walk in the rain and dance in the living room.


Also, if you want to create your own, here’s a blank template. Fill it out, share it, and yes…savor it.











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