Messy Desk On The Move

You know all those inspiring pictures you see of artist’s studios. Bright, light, kind of spacious with big canvases,  palettes full of paint, and just inspiration spewing out of the walls. Yeah, That’s not mine. I’m realizing my current “studio” situation is as inspiring as a dimly lit storage unit.

But somehow it’s still working. Because PAINTING IS THERAPY, and I LOVE putting brush to paper. (Even if it’s done on a desk that’s covered in way too much stuff, tucked in the corner of our guest room next to a window that faces a wall and surrounded by clutter.) Yes a big bright, clutter-free studio would be dreamy, but I’m learning if I’m inspired, I’m inspired. Also, I just cherish any time I get to paint. Even though lately I just stare at a blank piece of paper for days, psyching myself out and wondering if the next piece is going to absolutely stink. I’m working on that, end up just saying to hell with it, and start painting. Then it’s a blast.

Thankfully, none have totally stunk lately, or maybe they have. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

But I also wonder how things would look if I had a different space to paint.

So off to the kitchen table my studio shall go. Next to Legos and Thomas the Train Placemats, but with a skylight nearby. Hallelujah.

Sorry in advance to my husband for the mess 🙂

Top to bottom:

• Starting a new series of babes wearing different tropical print shirts ( also gives me an excuse to work on some new textile designs in the process.)

• A painting of my husband in Costa Rica. He broke his board and had to rent this red board. That was him after a sunset sessi0n.

• A naked babe off for a Birthday Suit Sesh. Yay tanlines.


Prints of the above pieces are for sale over my l’il shop: (I am slowly adding a frame option to all the pieces too.)

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